A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell's speech is coming on leaps and bounds
  2. Maxwell adores role play
  3. Maxwell is trying different foods and is enjoying them
  4. Maxwell can nearly ride a bike (with stabilizers)
  5. Maxwell loves cuddling on the sofa
Since our session with the speech therapist Maxwell's speech is coming on leaps and bounds. Maxwell is still not able to put words together however he is saying lots more words and has started to reply to us using the words No and Yes. It is great to see a improvement in Maxwell's speech however I am still left feeling frustrated that it took us this long to get the help for Maxwell which we asked for months ago.

Maxwell has been doing a lot of role play this week and loves it. We have been using lots of kitchen accessories to do the role play with and it keeps Maxwell entertained for hours. At bath time we even do role play and duck has learnt to drink our of Maxwell's bath cups. It makes me happy to know he has a lovely wooden kitchen with lot of accessories being given to him at Xmas.

This week Maxwell has tried lots of new foods. Maxwell now adores feeding himself, whatever I seem to put in front of him he likes to have a good go at eating it which is fantastic. Maxwell still enjoys eating veg, salad and fruit however I am hoping he will start eating main meals which Ben and I eat.

Maxwell had a mini evaluation this week at preschool and we found out that Maxwell can nearly ride a bike with stabilizers. Seeing as Maxwell is not even 3 yet, I am so proud of Maxwell's new development. Maxwell has a balance bike and a trike however I am hoping to get him his own bike with stabilizers soon which he can ride around on. 

Now the weather has got that little bit colder, Maxwell adores sitting on the sofa. He loves to watch his favorite TV shows, cuddle up with a snack and sit calmly down. I love that he sits so quietly and I love that he loves to snuggle. 


  1. So pleased, max will soon be chatting non stop. Its great he is eating well too. Great week for him and you. x

  2. Great week for milestones, he is coming on well. Brilliant he is trying new foods too.

  3. Aww yay I so pleased to hear about his speech you soon won't know how to stop him hehe x


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