A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell's bedroom has had a transformation
  2. Maxwell has gone back to preschool
  3. Maxwell can now say part of the alphabet and his favorite word is no
  4. Maxwell has been a little poorly this week
  5. Maxwell has enjoyed having his Daddy at home
This week we decided to decorate Maxwell's bedroom. Since we have moved in Maxwell has had a purple room so we thought it was about time we painted it so it fitted in well with the Disney Car themed room he has. We painted the walls cream and decided on a blue feature wall. Overall we think the room looks great now we have added a splash of colour! I am looking forward to doing some more bits and pieces to it including making some cool framed letters.

Maxwell has gone back to preschool and has settled in well. This week Maxwell has started sitting down at snack time and has enjoyed milk as well as snacks with the other children. We have also heard that Maxwell loves to play outside and enjoys playing with the cars at preschool. Due to speech therapy we may have to change Maxwell's mornings around as the speech sessions clash with the mornings which he attends preschool however we are hoping this will not make much of a impact on him.

Every week Maxwell's speech seems to develop a little and this week Maxwell can now say part of the alphabet. Maxwell manages to get up to g however this is a massive step for Maxwell. Maxwell has also learnt the word no and most answers are now no. The only time Maxwell does not say no is when Peppa Pig is involved or he is being offered food.

This week Maxwell has been a little tired, he came home from preschool on Tuesday and by Wednesday he had a cold. His eyes were very sore and Maxwell spent some time cuddled up on the sofa with a blanket, some cereal and a drink. Secretly we think he loved being fussed over. Maxwell is now back on the mend and seems to be back to his good little self.

This week Ben had a well earned week off (his first time off since April) and Maxwell adored having his Daddy home. Due to Ben working nights, Ben does not get to spend as much time with Maxwell like most Dad's manage to so it was great to see them together, having fun and even going out for a hour here and there and giving me a tiny break. Maxwell can not wait to spend more time with Ben on his next week off which is in a couple of months. For now we will continue to make the most of our weekends.

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