Spider Crafts #31daysoffun

Day 8 of Maxwell's #31days of fun saw Maxwell get crafty and make fun spiders out of pom poms and pipe cleaners. Making the spiders was easy and Maxwell adored making them. Maxwell especially loved adding the eyes to his spider. 

You will need:
1 Pom Pom
8 pieces of Pipe Cleaners
2 Wiggly Eyes
  1. Carefully get a pom pom and pierce a hole through it with a pipe cleaner. A adult may have to help a child do this. 
  2. Once a pipe cleaner is secure through the pom pom secure the remaining pipe cleaners to the pipe cleaner which is pierced through the pom pom. Spiders have 8 legs to ensure that each side has 4 pieces of pipe cleaner which will act as legs.
  3. Once there is 4 pieces of pipe cleaner securely added to each side, bend the pipe cleaner to make a L shape so that the spider can stand up on its legs.
  4. Finally add 2 wiggly eyes. We used pre sticky eyes and found that they attached better to the pom pom rather that gluing eyes. 

Not only did we make the fun spider but we also managed to make a bumble bee. Maxwell adores crafting and we found these to be simple and cheap to make. These spiders would be great puppets of you were to attach string to make them jump up and down and they would also be perfect for story time props.

Please keep a eye on your children when they are crafting with pipe cleaners, some pipe cleaners can have sharp ends and could potentially end up causing damage. 

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