Playdough Fun#31daysoffun

There is one activity which I enjoy seeing Max doing and that is playing and having fun with play dough. Sometimes we like to make our own play dough but recently we have been buying it, there have been some cracking deals which have made it incredibly cheap to buy. 

One thing which I love about Play dough is that it is mess free. Maxwell can play with it in our lounge, in the conservatory and even in the kitchen because it is easy to put back in the tub once he has finished playing with it. It does not matter if the play dough colours ever mix as it can be easily thrown away and repurchased

Recently Maxwell has been much more aware of what he is doing with his hands and he has enjoyed squishing play dough, making things out of it, cutting shapes and simply rolling it to make sausage shapes which he loves to do. Although we like to use cutters to make shapes we have recently been using household objects to create new shapes and textures for  Maxwell to play with.

We have recently enjoyed using tooth picks to make holes in the play dough, Lego to create fun textures, lunch boxes to make funny shapes and wooden blocks that have Maxwell's name engraved on to make letters. We have found that so many household objects can work to make creative play dough ideas.

This week I am looking forward to coming up with more ideas to create Maxwell lots of fun, I already have ideas of adding glitter to make it sparkly and fun and I have had ideas of using play dough to create a magic tea party. We also have animals like a caterpillar and a lion to make on our list.

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