Planting In The #31daysoffun

Recently I have been trying to transform our garden. I have been trying to make sure it looks bright as well as fun and last week I decided to buy a few plant pots and some plants. After planting a few of the plants, I find out that I had quite a few plants left over so I decided to go and purchase a few more plant pots and I decided to let Maxwell plant them.

I decided to get some simple flowers which I knew would flower in the winter. I also decided on these plants due to them being easy to maintain and easy for Maxwell to up keep them. I first got Maxwell to add the compost into the plant pot. I explained to Maxwell he had to break the large lumps up and to pat it down to ensure we had a even surface when planting the plants.

Once the plant pot was full, I carefully helped Maxwell add the flowers into the pot. We made sure that there were gaps between the flowers so they had space to grow and we made sure that they were in a neat line. It did not take long to plant them and after we had planted them they looked great.

The flowers were purple, yellow and a creamy colour and stood out in our garden. Maxwell decided to give them a water and then we put them in there places in the garden. I love the fact Maxwell now has responsibility over something even if it is a few plants and  I am sure this task taught him a thing or two. I am looking forward to seeing the plants grow!

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