Peppa Pig Day #31daysoffun

Maxwell adores Peppa Pig and love's anything which is associated with her. To carry on our #31daysoffun trend, I thought it would be fun if I could plan a day around her. I knew Maxwell would love his day so I set about planning activities.

For a while now I have been buying Maxwell a Peppa Pig magazine. Maxwell adores his Peppa Pig magazine and we always find lots of fun things to do. From sticking stickers and making amazing pictures, to reading Peppa's adventures, there sure is a lot of things to keep Maxwell entertained. For the first part of our day Maxwell and I carefully flicked through his new Peppa Pig magazine and together we found a lot of activities to do.

After a while we settled down for lunch however I decided we would have part 2 of some more Peppa Pig fun once we had eaten. Maxwell enjoyed pigged shaped sandwiches for lunch, fruit skewers special Peppa Pig crackers. Maxwell also enjoyed a special treat of Percy Pigs from M&S.

After lunch Maxwell settled down to make some music with Peppa Pig. A few weeks ago I had managed to pick up a cheap set of musical instruments for Maxwell to enjoy. Maxwell has always loved making music from a young age so I knew the instruments would be a big success. The musical instruments were just cheap plastic ones however they were Peppa Pig themed which made them extra special.

Maxwell and I spent around 30 mins making music. Maxwell adored shaking his tambourine and moving his feet, he also loved pinging the strings on his guitar however he could not understand quite how to make a noise out of the recorder he was given. Maxwell ended up making noises out of his mouth and pretending to be a recorded rather than making noise out of the recorder.

Maxwell also had fun completing Peppa Pig puzzles in the afternoon and just before tea Maxwell was allowed to watch a episode of Peppa Pig on my tablet. Maxwell really enjoyed his day and I think we will have to have another fun Peppa Pig themed day soon.

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  1. Oooooh I LOVE Peppa Pig! I love the magazine too, but I clump all the stickers together in a pile! x


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