Painting Fun #31daysoffun

We have heard from Maxwell's preschool Maxwell adores painting so this week I thought I would treat him to a brand new painting set which included sponge shapes, a paintbrush and a roller. The day was not particularly nice and I had planned to paint outside and use objects like leaves to make a collage however due to the weather we ended up doing Maxwell's painting fun activity inside.

A few weeks ago Home Bargains sent us a lovely bundle of goodies and included in the bundle of goodies was a apron to keep Maxwell clean when doing activities such as painting. The apron was priced at just 69p and I wanted to give it a special mention on this post due to it being such a good quality product. It protected Maxwell's clothes whilst painting and it could be used over and over again. It is not a thick apron so Maxwell was oblivious of it which was great as it did not interfere with his painting.  

Maxwell was keen to start off with using the roller. Included in the set which I bought Maxwell was a little tub which enabled him to dip his roller in, roll off the excess paint and roll beautiful pictures. Eventually Maxwell got a little bored and ended up wanting to use a different colour paint and was keen to try and use the paint brush. Maxwell ended up dabbing the paintbrush over the picture and managed to create a bright picture.

In the end Maxwell managed to create 3 pictures. I love to see Maxwell using his creative skills and making me things!  I was really impressed with his paint picture and have ended up putting it on the fridge! I am looking forward to seeing some more of Maxwell's creations!

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive a apron which I have mentioned in this post. I have written all my own thoughts in this post.

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