Outdoor Drawing #31daysoffun

Day 5 of Maxwell's 31 days of fun consisted of Maxwell playing in the garden and getting creative. Maxwell was sent some large chalks earlier this month from Home Bargains. Since receiving them Maxwell has been keen try them out on our garden slabs.

The chalks which Maxwell received included 15 chalks in 5 different bright colours. The chalks sat nicely in a plastic box which had a carry handle which allowed Maxwell to carry them back and forth to the garden. The box closed firmly with a nice plastic fastener, this meant none of the chalks could be dropped and damaged when being transported around the house/garden or when sitting on a shelf.


Maxwell jumped straight into his chalk drawing activity. Maxwell enjoyed using a arrange of colours and a arrange of shapes and scribble to  come up with a master piece. I also used the chalks and created Maxwell a mini him!  I was surprised at how well the drawing actually came out and I was surprised about the quality of the chalks. They did not snap when Maxwell used them and they were a good chunky size for Maxwell to grip. Being such a good size meant Maxwell had no trouble drawing on our concrete slaps.

After a while Maxwell got a little bored so we came up with fun games to draw and enjoy on the slabs. Games included naughts and crosses and a jumping game. We wrote numbers on the slabs and Maxwell had to jump the same amount of times which were written on the slab, we determined the slab he would land on by throwing a ball.

Maxwell had a brilliant time using the chalks and he was kept entertained for a long time. As we packed away the rain started to fall and all our fun was washed away for the day.

 Maxwell and I are looking forward to using the chalks again at the weekend. Do your children enjoy creating artwork outside?

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive chalks which are included in this post. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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  1. Haha I love these! Maxwell and his mini me are fantastic as well - gotta love chalk drawing :) x


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