Making Our Own Throwing Game #31daysoffun

Today we decided to make a game out of simple bits we found in the cupboard. The idea of the game was to be able to hook a disc around a stick in the middle of the room, the first person to hook the disc would win. I thought this game would be perfect to make with Maxwell as I believed it would help him with creativity. Maxwell adored making the game however once we had made the game Maxwell was able to learn new skills. One of the main skills which Maxwell learnt with the game was hand and eye co-ordination.

To make the game we simply used a old kitchen roll tube and 2 paper plates. Maxwell decorated the tube with paint. Whilst Maxwell decorated the tube I cut the middle out of one of the plates, once this was done I then I got Maxwell to decorate the cut plate again with paint. Once both the cut plate and tube was dry I simply got the tube to hold on to the uncut plate so it was stable and would not be knocked over easily when throwing the cut plate.

Maxwell and I loved competing against one another however there could only be one winner and that was Maxwell. Maxwell adored the game and I loved seeing the stages from him making it to him using and playing with it. I would definitely reccomend making this game to other mums as it can be a whole load of fun. 

We are looking to make lots more creative games from old bits and bobs around the house. These games are not only great for the pocket as you are not having to go out and buy materials but they are also great learning items for children.

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