Making Masks #31daysoffun

Maxwell adores doing crafts and he was recently excited to get a animal classic mask making set sent to him by Home Bargains. The set came with 2 sets of masks and Maxwell was keen to get making the masks. Maxwell adores dressing up so these masks were something which would come in handy for him to dress up in.

The masks which Maxwell was able to make were an elephant mask and a parrot mask. Maxwell decided he would prefer to make the elephant mask first. The elephant mask looked fairly simple to make and there were minimal parts to put together.

First up Maxwell had to fold over the elephants trunk and stick it down with double sided tape. Once folded Maxwell had to simply attach the trunk to the elephants eyes, the elephant eyes and trunk then needed to be carefully attached to a pair of plastic glasses. Once this was done all that there was left to do was add the ears.

 The elephants masks did include a pair of googly eyes to add but once I had added the double sided tape to them to stick them down they had split apart. Sadly we did not have another pair of googly eyes to add however when we made the parrot mask we used strong glue to stick the eyes on to the mask instead of using the double sided tape.

Maxwell adored making the masks and I think he had a lot of fun creating them. Maxwell adored the plastic glasses which came in the packs of masks and as you can see above he looked ever so cute trying the glasses on without the mask.

These packs of masks cost under £1 and I think they are the perfect little activity for children to enjoy this summer, not only are they fun to make but they are also great for the fancy dress box. I will be looking out for more packs which may include different animals when I next visit my local home bargains.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this post.
However we did receive a pack of masks which I have mentioned in this post. I have written all my own thoughts in this post.


  1. These look so simple and fun! Fantastic for little ones x

  2. Homebargain do the best lilttle bargains

  3. I love home bargains! This looks great

  4. Home bargains is fab, thanks for this review

  5. That looks great fun. I really do like home bargains.


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