Making Flour Lawn Shapes #31daysoffun

As the weather has been quite nice we have been getting back out in the garden. I have been waiting to make some flour shapes with Maxwell out in the garden now for a few weeks. I had never made flour shapes before so it was a new activity for both of us to try.

The best conditions to make flour shapes in is when it is dry - the grass has recently been a little wet so we have been waiting for it to dry out and we have also been waiting for the wind to ease off a little. If we had decided to make our flour shapes in the wind, the flour would have gone just about everywhere and created a mess instead of pretty pictures. 

To make flour shapes you will need:
Shapes - We used sandpit plastic molds
A sieve
Nice weather

1. Place down your shape on the grass and carefully put some flour into your sieve and sieve the flour carefully over the shape. Make sure you do not use to much flour of you will be left with a lot of excess.

2.Once you have sieved the flour around the shape carefully remove the shape and put the excess flour which you may have on the shape back in the box.

3.Step away from the shape and see what shape you have made. Not every mold will create a perfect picture however as you can see above we managed to make a pretty good turtle and sea horse.

Maxwell and I adored making these flour pictures and it is an activity which we will be trying again. I think it would be fun to get some large molds and see what shapes we can come up with. We may even try and create our own shapes by cutting some shapes up on card. This activity is easy as well as cheap to do.

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