Having Fun In A Gelli Baff #31daysoffun

A few months ago I was lucky enough to win some Gelli Baff, after hearing a few reviews about it I was a little scared to use it. I had heard some real horror stories about how it had blocked peoples plumbing systems and how it had stained people's baths however after a lot of deliberation I decided I would try the Gelli Baff with Max.

For anyone that does not know what Gelli Baff is, Gelli Baff is a mixture that basically turns into slime when you add water to a mixture of little crystals. It is very easy to make and it does not require a lot of water. I thought it would be a lot of fun for Maxwell to play in as the weather was not particularly good and I wanted to waste some time with him. 

After I had made the Gelli Baff mixture up Maxwell climbed in and started playing. He was not keen on having the slime over his feet and decided to lay down in it and play. After a whole he had got a little board of squishing it around in his hands so I let him get out and allowed him to get out of the bath and I let him play with it out of the bath.

Although the Gelli Baff was a lot of fun, priced at £5 a box I think it is quite expensive. The mixture is also a pain to get off the body and once Maxwell had stopped playing in it, I had to shower him as it had stuck to his body. The mixture also leaves a little bit of a mess in the bath so be prepared to spend 10 minutes cleaning after. Overall Maxwell had a brilliant time squishing, sliding and throwing however having a Gelli Baff will not be a weekly event.

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  1. Looks like fun but I think you are one brave Mummy for trying it out! x


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