Garden Fun #31daysoffun

At the weekend we popped into Homebase and I saw these foam number playmats. I had always been keen to get a set for Maxwell so when I saw they were priced at just £2.99 I thought they would be perfect for Maxwell to play with in the garden.

As soon as we got them out of there packaging, I knew they would keep Maxwell entertained. The foam mats all fitted with one another and all the numbers removed out of the foam pieces, I knew they would make the perfect puzzle for Maxwell to complete.

First of all  I popped all the numbers out of the pieces and Maxwell decided to but the pieces in a long line, from here Maxwell then figured what number went in to what piece. He had a lot of fun problem solving and he did very well at matching the pieces up.Once the line was complete Maxwell then decided to count each piece, this in turn helped him with his counting skills.

I am looking forward to doing a lot more activities with Maxwell and the foam mats. I am hoping that we will be able to start using the mats as a hopscotch as well as creating a number game.  The mats are a brilliant learning tool and are bright and fun for children to have fun with.

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