Blackberry Picking #31daysoffun

For our last day of our 31 days of fun we decided to stay close to home and go down to the bottom of our garden. Having recently moved into our home, we have found some great things about it. Our latest find was a lovely free supply of blackberry's which came as a lovely surprise as Maxwell simply adores eating them. 

Once the sun had gone down, Maxwell and  I crept down to the bottom of the garden with a bowl each and we picked handfuls of blackberries. Not all were ripe so I had to keep a beady eye on what Maxwell was putting in his bowl. Maxwell kept eating the blackberries and it was clear he was enjoying himself.

After 10 mins of picking we decided to head back into the house. We both had enough blackberries to last us the next few days.  Although the blackberries were free, I did not want to be greedy and take to many, I thought it would be nice to leave some for another day.

Maxwell and I both washed our blackberries and ate them as a treat after our dinner. We had a great time picking our blackberries and we enjoyed our free desert. I would be interested in making jam or a crumble with the blackberries in the future. This is a free activity which any one can do - there are plenty of blackberries growing in the UK. The public can easily access blackberries for free on the street, in gardens or even on  pick them in places such as parks.

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