My Pal Scout Leapfrog Toy Review

Recently Maxwell was sent a very special treat and ever since he had the pleasure of receiving it, it has not left Maxwell's side. Maxwell was sent the popular Leapfrog toy, My Pal Scout. As a huge fan of the Leapfrog and his favourite toy being Read With Me Scout, Maxwell was extremely excited to try Scout out.

At a first glance My Pal Scout looks like a usual soft cuddly toy for your child to enjoy however My Pal Scout has lots of extras which are sure to entertain your child. Scout is an interactive toy which can be personalised. All you have to do is simply connect Scout up to a computer with a USB which comes with Scout and you will then be easily able to change the music and personalise Scout. Scout will soon be able say your child's name, favourite food, animal and colour.

The personalisation set up process was incredibly easy and it took me very little time to personalise Scout for Maxwell. Leapfrog ensure that clear instructions show on your computer through the personalisation process. Since personalising Scout, he can now say hello to Maxwell and say this his favourite food is Pizza. I love the fact that if Maxwell's taste were to change, I could easily access Leapfrogs website and change Scouts tastes to suit Maxwell's.

Scout has 4 paws and each paw has a different feature, Scouts 4 paws are: Activities Paw, Lullaby Paw, Power Paw and Day Time Song Paw. Each paw has a different use. The Activities Paw is there to play and learn with, The Lullaby Paw allows your child to listen to soothing songs before bed, The Power Paw allows you to turn Scout off and the Day Time Song Paw allows your child to listen to fun songs.

Maxwell was extremely excited and happy when Scout started talking to him, he was especially excited when he heard Scout say "Hi Max". Out of all the features Maxwell's favourite feature was the music. Scout knows bedtime music which is soothing however he also knows fun songs like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Over the past week we have seen Maxwell take Scout to bed, on day trips and Maxwell loves to play with him throughout the day. Scout is the perfect size for Maxwell to hold on to, hug and take places. Scout is bright green and is very eye catching, his collar also lights up which Maxwell adores as the collar often flashes.

Scout is priced at just £13.47 on Amazon which to me is a huge bargain. Scout does so many different things that entertain children, I would say he is 100% worth the money. Scout is perfect for children aged 6 months right up until children are around the ages of 3.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. Alfie absolutely loves Scout!! It has kept him entertained on countless occasions, would recommend it to all my friends :-)

    Helen X

  2. What a lovely little toy, looks like your little one is really enjoying playing with it.

  3. We are HUGE leapfrog fans. My boys grew up with their products. I love that they are green and not pink or blue.

  4. Aw he looks like he really loves Scout, that's so sweet. We are big Leapfrog fans :)

  5. We have a Scout and Violet and my children love them!

  6. I really like the leapfrog range, we've got a few different products and they've always been really good!

  7. I must agree with you. The price makes it a great buy.
    Love the colour if it too :-)

  8. How cute he looks with Scout - I like Leapfrog things too!


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