Fisher-Price Octonaut Bath Toy Review

Maxwell is a huge fan of the programme Octonauts and often watches it over on the CBeebies channel. The show is about a crew of underwater heroes who rescue sea animals and help protect the ocean. Every episode teaches children about animals, friendship and morals. Recently Fisher Price emailed us to ask us would Maxwell like to review a set of the Octonaut Bath Squirters and the Octonauts Spin and Suds Squid.

Maxwell adores having baths, especially in this hot weather so the toys which we were sent were perfect for Maxwell to use straight away. Maxwell first set about using the bath squirters. The bath squirters were presented in bright, colourful packaging and they were easy to get out of the packaging. Once open we were presented with two 4 inch tall Barnacles and Peso bath squirters and a small Narwhal the sea animal. 

Upon using the bath squirters Maxwell and I found that they were made out of thick material which meant we were set to get hours of fun out of them. The bath squirters sucked up the water well and squirted the water in the right direction that we wanted them to squirt. We found the water holes were the perfect size not only to squirt water but to allow the water to go in. The squirters looked like the characters they were meant to and it was clear to see that Fisher Price had paid a lot of attention to detail when creating the squirters.

Maxwell then switched over to the Octonauts Spin and Suds Squid. I was extremely pleased to see that Fisher Price had again packaged the toy well. They had made it easy for the parent to get the toy out of the box. Instead of plastic ties in the box the box featured string ties which held the toy into place. The string ties made it easy for me to get the toy out of the box which meant there was very little fuss at bath time.

At first I was a little scared about letting Maxwell use the toy due to the fact that I thought it may be to hard for Maxwell to operate. I felt the toy may leave him frustrated however Maxwell got used to the toy straight away and ended up having a fun, frothy, whirlpool bath.

The Octonauts Spin and Suds Squid features Peso, Barnacles and Kwazii. The characters are a little less real life like on this toy however it is clear to see that they are the main characters and that the toy is based around the programme Octonauts.

The toy is easy to operate, all your child simply needs to do is rotate the tentacle on the side of the squid to make the other tentacles spin. The faster you rotate the tentacle the more frothy bubbles you make!

Overall Maxwell had a lot of fun using the bath toys and as a parent I was extremely impressed with their quality. Maxwell is looking forward to using them in his paddling pool in the next few days and is excited to make a whirlpool. The squirters also look fun for Maxwell to use in the garden as well as using them as role play characters.

At the present moment you are able to pick up the Fisher-Price Octonauts Spin and Suds Squid for just £9.45 over on Amazon and the Fisher-Price Octonaut Bath Squirters can be found for just £12.99. The price seems reasonable to me as the toys will create hours of fun.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. Tobys proud mummy3 December 2014 at 04:55

    my little one would love this he loves the Octonauts and they look so much fun brilliant also as you said for the paddling pool too in the summertime

  2. My two love a good bath toy and these seem great.

  3. Another great blog and great to see Maxwell enjoying his toys x

  4. These look fab! Can't wait to try them with my baby boy!

  5. These look brilliant, my daughters would love these!

  6. These look fab :D love to try them x


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