A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell loved visiting the beach this weekend
  2. Maxwell has started to say a few more words
  3. Maxwell is excited to be going to the Lollibop festival
  4. Maxwell has started to become a lot more independant
  5. Maxwell is obsessed with Youtube
At the weekend we decided to visit some of our family at a local campsite, the campsite happened to be right next to the beach and we took a wander. Maxwell loved going to the beach and enjoyed the wind going in his eyes, he loved picking up pebbles and he enjoyed seeing the water crash onto the shore. We are hoping to visit the beach more often now the weather is getting better. It is a great day out for the family and is a free day out. 

Maxwell has started to say a few more words. Maxwell can now say Door, Sky, Grass, O dear and a few other short words. I am still worried about Maxwell's lack of speech however now that he is going to preschool I am hoping his speech will come on leaps and bounds and that he will also get a little help there with his speech. I can not wait for Maxwell to be able to talk to me and be able to have a full conversation with me.

This week Maxwell and I have been invited to go to the Lollibop festival with Laura and Max over at Max and Mummy. Laura won tickets to go and she asked us would we like to go, we gladly accepted her invite. This will be Maxwell's first type of festival and we are both excited about going. We can not wait to see the acts which will be live and I know Maxwell is just going to love it. Maxwell is especially excited to see Mr Maker.

Since starting Preschool Maxwell has started to show independant he is becoming. Maxwell now likes to get involved with choosing what food he eats, what drink he wants to drink and even what toys he wants to play with. Although it is a great thing that he is doing this it is sad to see my tiny tot growing up.

Over the last few weeks Maxwell has become obsessed with Youtube, so much so that we have had to reduce screen time.  Maxwell adores watching kinder egg unwrapping videos, play dough videos as well as Peppa Pig. I have no clue why he enjoys watching play dough videos or kinder egg unwrapping videos but it really excites him.


  1. I love it when they learn "Oh Dear"!! Suddenly everything is "Oh Dear"!

  2. Haha F is really asking for youtube a lot at the moment so he can watch tornados of all things. So funny what they come out with. x

  3. Sounds like a great week for Maxwell. I am glad he is learning more words x

  4. It always makes me laugh when kids start to say words. I can just imagine him saying 'oh dear' a lot! lol x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  5. I bet all you will get is OH dear at everything now. Oh and my boys took a while to like the beach

  6. I love it when they start to say a few words and then master conversation, you will be in fits of laughter at what he will come out with. What is it, about Kinder, they are so loved by children especially boys.

  7. My daughter is also obsessed with You Tube at the moment. Peppa Pig and Numberjacks are her favourites at the moment. I know what you mean about having to limit screen time though!

  8. Ha ha I loved when my two started to say oh dear - they used to say it to everything ;-)

  9. That's the BEST when they have a thing for something and you have no idea why but they're obsessed nonetheless - hilarious! Off to You-Tube kinder-egg unwrapping videos...

  10. haha! mine love youtube ;)


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