A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell loved going to preschool
  2. We visited Nanny and Grandad
  3. Maxwell is spending a night away from me
  4. Maxwell has been eating lots of new food this week
  5. Maxwell is going to be in Chat Magazine
On Tuesday Maxwell went for his first session at preschool, he absolutely adored it. I was very scared that Maxwell would kick up a fuss and hate it however Maxwell behaved well and made very little fuss. Ben and I stayed a hour to start with however we eventually left when Maxwell decided to head outside into the garden. Although excited about the fact Maxwell was going to preschool and excited about the fact that my little man was growing up,  I managed to get very teary as we left him. I managed to pull myself together however and sat counting down the minutes until I could go and pick him up. Upon picking him up I was happy to hear Maxwell had been good as gold and that they were looking forward to Maxwell attending next week. 

This week Maxwell, Great Grandad, Ben and I had a wonderful day out with my parents. Since they have moved away I get to spend little time with them however this week we spent a full day with them and had a lovely time. Maxwell got to spend a lot of time with Grandad and enjoyed kicking a ball around and also enjoyed going to the park and going down the slides. I enjoyed spending time with my family and catching up on what everyone had been up to recently. We had a lovely day out and I hope there will be plenty more family days this summer.

As it is Britmums week Maxwell will be shipped off to my parents for 1 night whilst I am away in London. Since Maxwell has been alive I have spent very little time away from him and I must admit I find it hard not having Maxwell around. I am hoping Maxwell will have a lovely time without me. I am sure my parents have lots of fun plans and Maxwell will get up to lots of activities with them. 

Maxwell has continued to do well this week with his eating. This week saw Ben and I buy Maxwell a table and chair set which we thought would encourage Maxwell to eat his food a little better. We were right about the table and this week we have seen Maxwell use a spoon to eat chocolate mousse, a fork to eat his salad and a fork to see him eat pasta. These foods are something Maxwell would never try so we are thrilled that he is trying hard to try new things.

A few months ago I sent Maxwell's photo into a magazine for their cutest baby feature. If I am honest I did not expect to hear back as I expect a lot of parents send in pictures of their cute children however this week I got an exciting email to tell me they loved Maxwell's photo and they would love to publish it in Chat Magazine. We are all really excited to see Maxwell in the magazine so please keep a eye out if you see him in there and let us know.

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  1. Aww I remember Charlies first time at Nursery/pre-school without me I cried my eyes out the whole time and he loved it! Typical. I was even crying when I went to pick him up lol. And how exciting about the photo! I don't tend to buy many magazines but friend does so I will have a nosey through hers when I am next over xx


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