2 Year Blogiversary

Today is my second year blogiversary and what a fantastic 2 years I have managed to have so far. The memories I have made thanks to this little bit of webspace have been magical and I am so proud of what Maxwell and I have managed to achieve.

This blog would not be alive if it wasn't for Maxwell. Over the past 2 years Maxwell has grown into a amazing little boy. He is no longer that 6 month old needy baby which needed me 24/7 when I first started out on this blog. Maxwell is now a independent smart intelligent, cheerful little toddler who now knows what he wants and he know's what he dislikes.

Overall this blog means so much to me. Often people do not see the effort which goes on behind the scenes to keep blogs afloat. Over the past year I have managed to stay up very late at night to meet deadlines for blog posts, I have brought my readers competitions which I hope you have all managed to enjoy, I have gone to events and learnt new things about blogging, I have been sent on a holiday and met blogger friends and their children and I have managed to interact more with people on a whole. I have also grasped every opportunity that has been thrown at me with both hands.

Over the past year I have seen my blog get a little more successful, We are now at 342k page views and have many followers over on Twitter and on our other social media outlets. Over the last year I have seen readers stick around more and I wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for those that have followed our journey and have taken the time to read our blog posts and even comment. Everything our readers do, spurs us on to do more and to even improve.

Some days I lack motivation with my blog and I often need a boot up the backside, I just wanted to say thank you to many of my blog friends who have been there for me through these times, but also my mum. My mum is my rock, outside the blog world I feel some people don't get "blogs" however one person who does is my mum. She is often happy to throw ideas into the mix and with her help this year I hope my blog grows and becomes even better.

Another thank you I feel I owe is to companys. A big company who deserve a huge thank you is the wonderful team over at Nelson's. They are a fantastic PR team who work extremely hard and believe in what they do. They believed in me this year and sponsored me to go to Britmums.  Britmums was a event which I adored and without Nelson's getting behind me and sending me there I would have not learnt anything to add to this blog, nor would I have got to meet some fantastic blogging friends. I also feel I need to say thank you to other companies, so thank you, thank you for believing in us and working with us.

I am unsure where the next year may take me and Maxwell on our blog however I hope this time next year I will be blogging about our 3 year blogiversary and writing about Maxwell's adventures.


  1. Lovely to meet you at the weekend! Happy Blogiversary lovely lady! xxx

  2. Happy blogiversary to you and Maxwell. This blog must be a wonderful way of recording how Maxwell has changed over the past 2 years. I have a 13 month old daughter and I can't believe how much she changes every day. She is getting so independent and I do miss her babyness. At this rate she'll be leaving home next year. I can't wait to read all your posts over the next year and celebrate your 3rd blogiversary with you. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


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