A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has not been coping well with the heat
  2. Maxwell is looking forward to meeting Amelia and Jack on holiday
  3. Maxwell has started to have very bad tantrums
  4. Maxwell hates loud noises
  5. Maxwell has been enjoying adventures
This week Maxwell has not been coping well with the heat. Maxwell is normally put to bed at around 7pm however this week he has been going to bed and has then been getting back up. Before he goes to bed we always leave the upstairs windows open and the bottom windows open on the catch so the house can air. As soon as Maxwell is put into bed I close his window down to the fact we have a train line running at the back of our house and the trains can often keep Maxwell awake however I always leave the front windows open. This week  Maxwell has been awaking in the evening or the early hours of the morning drenched in sweat. This week Ben and  I have basically tried everything to cool Max down but Max has taken a disliking to a lot of things. He hates the noise of a fan which we put in his room, he dislikes ice cold drinks, he hates having the window open and he doesn't like having a cotton blanket over him instead of his duvet. At the present moment I am hoping it will cool down however I do not know how he will react to the summer heat.

In a few days Ben, Maxwell and I will be going to Wales for our first little holiday. We are all really excited however Maxwell is always extremely excited due to the fact 2 of my best blogging friends will also be going along with their children who Maxwell is really eager to meet. Maxwell doesn't get to spend much time with children his age so it will be exciting to see how he reacts to other small people. I am sure he will make great friendships with Amelia and Jack. 

This week Maxwell has bought a lot of stress to our home. When Maxwell was smaller he barely ever had tantrums, however all this has changed over the last week. This week we have had screaming, hitting, tantrums on the floor and the screams of no if Ben or I dare tell Maxwell off. It is really frustrating to see and put up with so I hope Maxwell's behaviour improves. The tantrums do not last all day but can last minutes and he is fine again. I believe he is trying to test the boundaries.
This week we have learnt Maxwell hates loud noises. He used to love the vacuum cleaner and even loud music so he could bop along and dance however these are all no go's. He screams and cries if he is exposed to a loud noise and often runs away and hides. This is a recent problem so I am hoping he will grow out of it soon.

We are really lucky to live were we do and this week Maxwell and I have managed to visit the park and even go on a country walk. The country walk is beautiful and allows us to see lots of nature, beautiful surroundings and even a lovely stream. Everytime we come back from our walk Maxwell crashes out, he loves going for walks and especially loves wearing his welly boots. 


  1. Tantrums are hard when they start aren't they - our daughter is really gaining her own little personality now and with that comes a lot of tantrums! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  2. tantrums are very hard and upsetting for all.
    wishing you a great holiday

  3. Hope you have a lovely holiday. tantrums are tiring for all x

  4. My little boy went through this too. It does get easier in time


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