Max Rates..... April 2014 Garden Addition

As many of you know, we are moving. I thought it would be a nice idea to come up with a few ideas of what Maxwell would enjoy having in our new garden. I hope you all enjoy.

Maxwell already has this car carrier and it is brilliant. It is perfect for small hands as the cars and the carrier are both really chunky. The car carrier can be used inside and outside so it is perfect for not only the summer weather but also the winter weather.

Little Tikes Classic Cozy Coupe Ride-on
When I was smaller I had one of these Ride-On's and I adored it. It lasted many years and we found that it was of brilliant quality. I am unsure if we will get Max one as he has many other types of rides on however I can reccomend this to other parents. 

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox
I am keen to buy this for Maxwell when we move. I love that it has a lid, this means no nasty unpleasant things may find there way in the sandbox at night. I love that it also has 2 seats built in so therefor he can sit in the sandpit and play whilst being comfy and not getting sand down his pants.

I would love to welcome this pool into our garden. It looks really fun for the summer.  I am unsure if we really have enough space for this however so Maxwell may just end up with a small paddling pool. Either way this is a brilliant price and I would love it to keep me cool this summer.

Maxwell loves crawling through these types of tunnels so we will be buying one for Maxwell when we move. The idea of this one is brilliant as it will allow Maxwell to push the balls through the holes also.

This little rocking horse is really cute. I think Maxwell may be a little to old for this now but it looks fun for younger children. Being small also means that it can be used in the garden or inside in wet weather.

I adore the idea of the hopscotch mat and I am keen to get Max one. Although he is still too young to do hopscotch, these mats are perfect for the garden if Maxwell was to fall over as they are very soft to land on.

This is a bargain and I love the fact that it comes with a parasol. When we move I am either going to buy Maxwell something like this, or I am going to buy a wooden picnic bench. 

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