Hotter Laura Shoes Review

Recently I was contacted by Hotter Shoes and I was asked would I like to review a pair of shoes from their new spring collection. I had always heard a lot of good reviews about Hotter shoes but had never actually tried them myself. I was a little scared about reviewing a pair as I had also heard that they were designed for the older generation and from this I found myself forming a opinion that they may not be that fashionable however once I had taken the time to look around the Hotter shoes website, I found this was not the case.

After taking the time to look at the Hotter Shoe website, I decided I would like to review a pair of Laura shoes. I was instantly drawn to the fact that the shoe came in a range of colours, the shoes were made of good quality material and that they were fashionable. I was really excited to receive the shoes and I was happy to see that they arrived quickly once they had been ordered. Not only did they arrive quickly but they also came well packaged and beautifully boxed.

Made from nubuck and supple, soft leather these slip on shoes really manage to stand out. I choose the shoes in a aqua and tan colour as I knew that they would look good with my jeans come spring/summer but would also be suitable on dry days in the autumn and even winter. Although the weather has not recently been great, it has been dry which has given me the opportunity to wear my Laura shoes. 

I have managed to wear my shoes on days out with Ben and Maxwell, for walks on the seafront, on shopping trips and even on shorter trips to places such as the post office. Since wearing my shoes I have noticed that my feet have been a lot more comfortable. I think this is down to the fact that the shoes are gently cushioned. I have also noticed that my feet rarely get hot, which means when summer comes my feet will be able to breath and will not overheat. Due to the shoes also being made of a high quality leather and being well made, I also have no fear that the shoes may split on me or break on me after little use. The shoes seem very long lasting.

I absolutely adore my new shoes and I can not find a bad word to say about them. Hotter Shoes have changed my opinion about the shoe range being for the elderly and have actually encouraged me to want to buy more styles of shoes. If you are interested in buying the Laura shoes you are able to buy them from the Hotter Shoe website and they are priced at £65. You can buy them in 4 different colours: Cyan/Tan, Aqua/Tan, Light Taupe/Tan or Red/Tan.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own honest opinion.


  1. I had the opinion that hotter shoes were for the older generation - how wrong was I. These look lovely. Popping over from

  2. I love the bright blue in these shoes. I heard Hotter shoes have the most comfortable shoes you can wear. Thanks for the fab review

  3. Love the colours of those shoes. Very chic and they look comfortable too. Tina from


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