Wasgij Mystery Puzzle - Spring Has Sprung!

Just in time for Mothers Day I managed to complete a fantastic puzzle which had managed to capture my attention all week. The puzzle which I completed was the Wasjig Mystery Puzzle which was made up of 1000 pieces. I am a huge fan of puzzles however I rarely get time to do them. This week Maxwell sat with me and "tried" to help me put the puzzle together. Although he wasn't very good at helping me with the puzzle, it meant we spent lots of quality time together and in the end we managed to complete the puzzle.

The puzzle is more of a problem solving puzzle than a regular puzzle which you would copy from the box. The image on the cover of the box is not the image represented by the pieces so you have to look at the clues which you can find on the box and look outside the box and think what the clues could mean and what is happening in the image.

The quality of the puzzle was good. Each piece of puzzle fitted in well with one another and there were no gaps left. The consistency of the colour of the puzzle was well through out and at the end the picture looked fantastic. Each piece of the puzzle was the same size, there were no small bits mixed up with larger bits which I found to be great. With Maxwell helping me with the puzzle I was a little concerned at first that the puzzle may have rough edges but this was no problem at all as the edges were nice and smooth.

Overall the finished result looked fantastic. I personally did not guess the end result from the clues or the starting picture on the front, so it was a great surprise for me once I had finished it. I did not want to ruin the surprise of the complete picture, so I have added a picture of the puzzle half finished. This puzzle is priced at around £12 which I think is great. You are able to buy it online from Amazon.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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