Twist Hairdressing Will Donate £2 Per Photo To Cancer Research For Your No Make Up Photos #nomakeupselfie #letsbeatcancer

If you are a user of Facebook you may have seen over the last few days that women have been sharing their #nomakeupselfies. The whole idea of sharing photos is to raise awareness for a horrible disease which has more than likely affected someone that you know, someone you love or yourself. The horrible disease which people are raising awareness for is cancer.

Cancer Research are asking people to text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 whilst sharing their selfies over Twitter and Facebook to raise awareness. There is also a company called Twist Hairdressers over on Facebook who are trying to raise awareness and are asking for people to post their #nomakeupselfies. For every photo they receive on there page which is tagged "Twist Hairdressing supports the fight against cancer" they are going to donate £2 to Cancer Research.

I have created a event over on Facebook for the event and I am hoping people will share the event and post there #nomakeupselfies and make Twist Hairdressers dig deep into there pockets and donate a lot of pennys. 

The event ends at 3pm today so please post your photos by then... Tomorrow I will post a competition to say thank you to all those who got involved. Your help will go on to help others please join in, add others, share and help such a great cause.

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