Max Rates..... March 2014 - Disney Car Bedroom Addition

If you are regular readers of my blog you will know that Maxwell has a Disney Car room. To fit in with our moving house theme this post is dedicated to Max's magical Disney Car room. 

This is one of my favourite items which is in Maxwell's room. It is a lovely toy box which is fairly big. It is well made and has lasted us a long time without getting damaged although a toddler uses it every day.I believe it is great value for money and can be used for other rooms in the house other than your child's bedroom. 

This is a nice addition to Maxwell's room which has not only brightened up the room but has been a great little accessory to have.

This is a fairly new addition to Maxwell's room and has not really been used yet, however I picked it up in the sale at a bargain price and I know it will be great for Maxwell in a few years to come.

Maxwell has this little set on his bed and it really fits in well with his other Disney Car bits. This set washes up well and can be bought at a good price. At the present moment Maxwell does not have a themed bed so this set makes a plain bed into that magical Disney Car theme.

This at first was hard to fit in Maxwell's room however after a little wiggling and patience we finally managed to get it to fit. I love that the shade matches the rest of the room. The shade itself lets light flow freely around the room. 

Although this has quite bad reviews we have found it to be a great little product for Maxwell. It is fairly small and the material is not that thick but it is a bargain which fits into Maxwell's Disney themed room very well. This wont last you years but will see you through several.

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  1. We had though about buying a go glow trainer ! Our kids are waking up way to early and with summer on the way I dread the 5.00am wake ups !

    Great post


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