House Of Fraser Children Toy's Review

Whilst the weather has been dull, Maxwell and I have been unable to get out and play. The wet weather and the wind has made it impossible for us to go to the park and Maxwell has also been unable to go on his bike which he recently got. This week Maxwell was sent a bundle of goodies to use from the House Of Fraser. Maxwell was sent some Play dough to get creative with, a new Leapfrog Learn with me Scout and a brilliant tin game which can be used indoors and outdoors.

Play Doh Play Doh Fun Pack

Maxwell is a typical toddler who loves to have a whole lot of fun, recently Maxwell has started to get into arts and crafts. As Maxwell is only 2 I find that there is a limited amount of art and craft activities Maxwell can get involved in however playing with Play Doh is something which he can enjoy. Maxwell was sent the Play Doh fun pack from the House Of Fraser. The Play Doh fun pack consisted of 4 cans of Play Doh. Each can was colourful and inside the can there was the perfect amount of Play Doh for Maxwell's small hands to play with. Maxwell enjoyed squishing the Play Doh into shapes and enjoyed mixing the colours to make new ones. At the brilliant price of £3.49 not only are these fun packs the perfect art and craft treat for your child but they also make a perfect present to give to others.  

Leapfrog Read With Me Scout

For a while now Maxwell has struggled a little with his speech. I spend around 2 hours a day having 1 on 1 time with him reading books, playing games and using apps on my phone to help him develop his speech. Maxwell seems to be getting there but at a very slow pace. When looking on the House Of Fraser Website I found the perfect little friend for Maxwell, a Read With Me Scout.
Read With Me Scout is a Leapfrog product. Scout is a bright green dog and he comes complete with 5 colourful books. Scout wears a colourful collar with numbers on. Each number is a colour and corresponds with one of the 5 books Scout comes with. When pressing a number Scout carefully reads one of the books to your little one. Scout gets your little one involved by asking your little one to complete simple activities like asking to pat his head when you are ready to turn the page of the book over. Scout also can give kisses, cuddles and can sing lullabies. Scout is a really helpful little friend to Maxwell. Scout is not a product which will be thrown into the toy box after one go, he is a friend which will last your child months, if not years.

BuitenSpeel Tin Throwing

Maxwell has always been into activities where he is able to run around and have a lot of fun, when I looked on the House Of Fraser website I knew that BuitenSpeel would be the perfect game for him to get involved with.  BuitenSpeel is a fun throwing game. The aim of the game is to throw bean bags at number tins and who ever manages to knock down the most tins wins the game. The game is perfect not only to use inside but also outside. I have been really impressed with the game as the game is suitable for Maxwell just to play on his own. He loves throwing the bean bag at the tins and watching them all fall down. I have been impressed with the quality of the tins and have noticed that they still are in perfect condition although they have been knocked down inside and outside.

From the word go House Of Fraser provided me with excellent customer service. They ensured that my products came on time and I received them well packaged. I am impressed with the House Of Fraser's range of childrens toys and I believe that there is something for every child to enjoy.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.

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