Family Fun Games Night

Recently Two Little Fleas asked us to help spread the word about their mission to bring back family games nights. I was really excited to get our family night going. Originally we were going to spend it with my parents however unfortunately they couldn't make it so in the end we made our games night into a fun toddler games night. It was lovely to spend quality time with Maxwell.

We were given a £50 Amazon voucher to make our night fun. I ended up buying some fun games for Maxwell to play on Amazon and I also bought a game of Dominos for Ben and I to play.
 Here is what we got up to...
Maxwell enjoyed playing Goldilocks and the Three Beats game with us, he is still learning how to play however he really enjoyed himself and it managed to keep him entertained right to the end. I loved that Ben and I got involved and were also able to play. Maxwell won the game and he was incredibly happy to have won!

Maxwell then went on to play Old Mcdonald Lotto. He had great fun. This game is designed to  actually help improve Maxwell's speech and he really enjoyed playing it. As you can see with the above photos, Maxwell also had some snacks to enjoy and at the end of his games night he had some treats rewarded to him as he managed to win his game.
At the end of the evening Ben and  I settled down with a drink and some snacks between us and played a game of good old fashioned dominos. We rarely get to spend much time together however we really enjoyed ourselves.
Thank you Two Little Fleas for helping us have a really fun evening.
I received a £50 Amazon voucher to complete my evening. All thoughts and opinions in my post are of my own.

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