Elle Macpherson The Body Aromatherapy Foot Spa Review

Every mum loves to be pampered. This mothers day why not make you mums day that little bit special and buy her a Elle Macpherson The Body Aromatherapy Foot Spa? The Foot Spa is made by a brand called HoMedics and it is part of Elle Macphersons new "The Body’ range. Elle has developed the range so that you can maximise your beauty potential.

I first used a Foot Spa when  I was young, my Nan gave me it and I often enjoyed sitting in front of the TV and using it. I often got annoyed however that the water would run cold and that the Foot Spa itself did not have enough power to really message my feet. I was recently sent a Elle Macpherson The Body Aromatherapy Foot Spa to review and I was looking forward to a lovely pamper session which I knew I would enjoy.

The Foot Spa features many features that will make you relaxed. From mood enhancing LED lighting to Frangipani aromatherapy oil, the smell and the lighting together are the perfect combination which are going to leave you stress free. The Foot Spa has vibration message which is extremely soothing on your feet and will leave you feeling revitalise. The vibration massage will give you an invigorating massage to boost circulation and this feature can be used with or without water. Bubbles are another key feature that will leave you feeling calm and the bubbles which are delivered to the Foot Spa are delivered by 4 bubble strips. These strips enable twice the amount of bubbles to be delivered which gives your feet a better massage. For those mums who are up on there feet all day, the Foot Spa also has 2 inter-changeable pedicure attachments and 4 integrated massage rollers to roll beneath your feet for a deep, penetrating, full foot massage.

At first I was a little worried that the Foot Spa would be complected for me to use however I was proven wrong. Fine details have been added to this Foot Spa so it is easy to use, what ever age you are. The Foot Spa features a angled base, this ensures that you will get a comfortable massage. There is a easy pour water disposal feature which means you will not have to worry about spilling any water anywhere and the Foot Spa also features suction cups at the bottom which means that the Foot Spa will stay stable and you are likely not to be able to tip it over when in use.

The key feature which I loved was that The Foot Spa has a keep warm function which helps maintain water temperature. Instead of having to keep filling the Foot Spa up with warm water which can interrupt you sitting down and being relaxed, the Foot  Spa will maintain you water temperature. This function is automatically activated when the bubble function is switched on.

Overall I loved the who Elle Macpherson experience. The Foot Spa allowed me to sit and relax and I am looking forward to more nights in front of the TV. The RRP of this Foot Spa is £74.99 however at the present moment you can pick it up on Amazon for just £47.99 which is a brilliant price for such a great product. The Foot Spa is also available from Debenhams and Asda.

I did not receive any financial reward for writing this review.
However we did receive the product for review purposes. Everything written in this post is my own, honest opinion.


  1. Love the idea of getting a foot spa as a mothers day gift will look into it for next yr.

  2. Wow, this looks amazing. Always fancied a foot spa.

  3. I would love this - it just seems to be one of those little luxuries I never get round to x


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