A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has learnt how to fake sneeze
  2. Maxwell has been spoilt
  3. Maxwell has learnt to tell us when he has gone to the toilet
  4. Maxwell escaped from his cot
  5. Maxwell non stop chats and has learnt new words
This week Maxwell has learnt to fake sneeze. On Wednesday I sneezed in front of him and ever since he has been fake sneezing. He sneezes really loudly and he gets really excited doing it. I hope he grows out of it soon and hopefully in the next few days he will get bored of doing it.

Maxwell has been really spoilt this week. He has been bought new clothes, items for his craft box as well as some new items for the new house. Maxwell has also been waiting at the window to see the delivery man bring the post in the mornings as lots of new items have been coming.

This week Maxwell came and got me as he had gone to the toilet. This is quite a large step for him, so I was really happy. As soon as we move into the new house I am going to start potty training him and I hope that potty training will be a huge success.

One night this week after putting Maxwell into his cot, Ben and I heard a large bang... Maxwell had escaped from his cot. Of course Maxwell found this funny and loved running around the house once he had escaped however me and Ben were really concerned. Since he has escaped we have taken one side of his cot off and decided to buy him a cot bed. We were going to buy a cot bed for Maxwell at the new house any way, so it makes sense for him to get it a little earlier.

Maxwell speech has come on leaps and bounds again. Maxwell can now say around 20+ words and understands what these words mean. Maxwell also speaks in his own little language all day however it is nice to see that Maxwell is finally getting there with his words. I will continue to push him with his reading and word games and hopefully Maxwell will become fluent in speaking soon.

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