A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell enjoyed spending time with Nanny And Grandad
  2. Maxwell has been busy winning
  3. Maxwell is excited to be moving
  4. Maxwell went on a adventure
  5. Maxwell is preparing for Easter
Maxwell spent some time with his Nanny and Grandad this week and was excited to see them. He seems to miss them a lot and even requests to speak to them on the phone so seeing them really excited him. He played games with Grandad and enjoyed a lot of cuddles and kisses of Nanny. Maxwell was also besotted with my Dad's sun glasses and decided to prance around with the sun glasses on. 

Last week I told my readers Maxwell had enjoyed celebrating World Book Day as Funny Bones. There were a lot of fantastic competitions around last week, all which gave Maxwell the chance to win books/book bundles so I entered Maxwell into them. Maxwell came out with 3 prizes which he is really happy about. The best prize he won however was on the Made For Mums Facebook page and they sent him 7 lovely books. Maxwell is thrilled and I am a proud Mummy. 

This week has seen us prepare for our move which will be happening in around 3 weeks. This week we have been getting Maxwell's bedroom in order which means we have thrown some bits away. We also managed to buy bits for his bedroom. Maxwell's room needs to be packed however Maxwell is now ready for our move. His last job is to pick the colour of his new bedroom.

Maxwell went on a long car journey today to pick daddy's new bike up. We also stopped for lunch and went shopping. Maxwell was extremely well behaved and enjoyed going on the long car journey. Maxwell saw swans, the sea, boats and played on lots of apps on mummy's phone. 

Over the last few weeks I have been debating weather or not to do Maxwell a Easter hunt. Fortunately for him I have decided that we will do a mini one this year in our new house in the garden. There are not many hiding spaces in the garden so the Easter hunt will be fairly easy to do. At the end of it I am going to present Maxwell with a few goodies which will not just consist of chocolate. 

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