A Sorry

Most of my readers know I enjoy updating my blogs on a regular basis however over the last few weeks I feel I have let my readers down a little and have not blogged as much. But there is a valid reason....

Three weekends ago, I was very poorly. I had agonising stomach cramps and I was finding it hard to get on with my day to day life. I was tired and felt sleepy all the time, not only to add to this but at night I was finding it hard to sleep as I was in such agonising pain. In the end after a lot of persuasion and tears I visited the doctor and was told out of the blue I had IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome). I was pretty sure this was not the case however I was sent home with tablets to stop the stomach cramps.
After taking the tablets for 2 days, the stomach cramps had nearly gone however I was greeted with another problem, rashes. These horrible rashes had started to appear over my body. At first I thought I may have been heat rashes and I decided to just leave the rashes but as the days went on the rashes got worse, they got more itchier and started to spread like wildfire. In the end I had swelling in my face, rashes all over my body and marks where I had itched the rashes so much. After many calls to 111 I was advised to go to the walk in centre near me.

Saturday morning last week saw me pay a trip to our local walk in centre. I spent around 30 mins with a doctor who examined me and came to the conclusion that my body was firing out a lot of histamine. He could not determine why this was happing however he believed that my own body seemed to be attacking itself due to a bug that I may have caught the week before.

I was given some antihistamine to calm the rash down however I found that it upset my body for the first few days of taking it, however after easing it into my system my body has started to get used to it. 3 weeks on from the start of my problems I still have rashes and I am extra sleepy, sometimes I end up staying up until 4am as the rashes will not calm down and keep me awake however some nights I am in bed at 11pm and I do not wake up until the morning. Some days are worse than others however over a period of time I am hoping I will not have to depend on the antihistamine and  I will be back to my normal non itchy, non swelling self. 


  1. Firstly you have no need to apologies, my husband has IBS so I understand albeit second hand what you are going through. I was fascinated to see your photograph, the aforesaid husband often breaks out in a rash like your on his wrists, arms & legs. He just takes an antihistamine, has a cold shower & hopes it calms down, he's not big on going to the doctors, but I'm going to show him this.
    Please take care hunny, you'll soon get used to what you can eat & not - or not very often. Don't worry about the blog, people will understand, we all have daily trials to go through, so just look after you for a while. xx

  2. Lorna MacFadyen15 March 2014 at 23:05

    oh dear! :( hope you are on the mend soon.

  3. that looks a lot like hives I break out all over when I come into contact with ivory soap (found that out as a child)and as an adult being pregnant.However,every now and then when my nerves are really worked up I will break out,Benadryl is what I take.

  4. oh poor you. hope you feel back to your normal self soon.


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