A Reflection

In 2011 I found out I was pregnant.. I was just 19, I was 20 weeks pregnant and I was scared. I worked full time as Ben did however I was scared we would not be able to provide Maxwell the life he needed or deserved as we were both in low paid minimal wage jobs and I knew for a fact we couldn't afford to spoil this little baby growing inside me. We enjoyed going out, having a social life and buying nice things which we could afford to do as we both lived with our parents and had no real commitments. From the first time we saw that little baby growing inside me we knew we would become a family and in December 2011 our life changed. Now in 2014 I am so proud I put that "selfish" life behind me and have gone on to achieve everything I have.

In June 2012 I put the effort in to make this blog and I have been overwhelmed by all the support I have had around the world. Just falling short of Mummy To The Max's second Birthday I have achieved a quarter of a million page views. That means over 250k people around the world have taken the time to look at our blog. In some ways I hope people have learnt and seen how Maxwell has completed my life and have enjoyed watching our journey and in other ways I also hope that my blog has taught people new things, provided them with a little entertainment but also shown people that not all "young parents" are the same.

The reason I started this blog was to prove that not all young parents are the same hense why I started showing people how to save money. Every month we budget.. We budget on food shopping, we shop around for the best deals and we compare prices for all our bills. We do not live a benefit lifestyle like the media so often reports. The media does not help "young parents" and I feel we get looked at everyday and judged. From people in the street to even health visitors, young parents are criticised and judged however what people see in the media is far away from the way my family and I live. I started this blog to show that the media can lie and although I do not write about it often, I hope this blog post explains certain things.

I am now 22 years old and a stay at home mum. Ben is still working full time, he works nights from 5-7 days a week which means we rarely get time to spend as a family. It makes me sad however I know if Ben did not work we would not be able to put food on the table or pay our bills. To Ben I am grateful for everything he does for Maxwell and I. As for me? I write 2 blogs, Mummy To The Max and Saving To The Max, I also enter competitions. This brings us in beautiful products for review and fabulous competition win's which we could not afford. Getting these things are a real treat and I am grateful to all the companies that send us products.

In a matter of weeks we shall be moving to our first "home". Over the last 2 years I haven't really called "home" "home" as we have lived in 2 places which I have actually found quite depressing. Although we private rent we could never afford anything "homely". HOWEVER everything I wished for has now come alive and in a matter of weeks we will be moving to a house, with a garden for Maxwell to play in, a house which has a driveway and a house which even has a park at the end of the road for Maxwell to stretch his legs in. Ben and I have had to save hard to have this luxury,this luxury was not handed to us on a plate.

I am unsure what the coming months will hold but I hope it will be happiness. Life isn't planned and tomorrow is a big mystery. From the last few years I have learnt to always get back up, no matter how tough or hard it is. I hope this blog post has inspired people my age that they can get up and show the world that we are not what the media show us as and I also hope that it has shown those who are quite small minded that all "young parents" are not the same and some of us do have a little ambition left in us. Never judge a book by its cover until you have read that book.


  1. This is a really lovely, inspiring post! x

  2. I love this! I really enjoy reading your blog. Your very down to earth and genuine. My Boyfriend and I don't have a child...yet. We would love one and this post shows its possible. We both work hard and save hard.. We have given up a social life in order to save and build a future. I also enter competitions for treats so we don't totally go without. I love all your money saving tips and will continue to follow your great blog!


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