What Max Wore Monday

It is that time of the month where I share with our readers - What Max wore Monday. Today's outfit is not amazing however today we spent a lot of our time doing odd jobs, so I guess this is a "everyday" type of outfit Maxwell is wearing.

Maxwell's Coat is from Boots. It cost around £20 when we got it which was before Christmas however I think it is now in the sale at just £12. I love how smart the coat is, it also keeps Maxwell warm in this cold weather.

Maxwell's jeans are from Next. They have a cute elasticated bottom which is brilliant in this weather as Maxwell's trousers stay in place when he is walking. I love the colour of these jeans as they basically go with anything.

Maxwell's shoes are Vans. Maxwell has these in blue but I am looking to buy him some in a two tone blue. A lot of people comment on them and say how cute they are. I picked these up in the sale for him at just £12 and they have lasted him really well. They are a definite hit on my toddler buying list.

Underneath Maxwell's coat he has a cute plain blue long sleeved t shirt from Tesco. The t shirt is priced at just £3 which is a bargain. I love Tesco's clothes and always find them great value and long lasting.

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