Turn Back Thursday

This is  another new feature on my blog which will make a appearance once a month. Turn Back Thursday is about things which I remember from my childhood which is now part of Maxwell's life or things I used when I was Maxwell's age. This week my product for Turn Back Thursday is a Little Tikes mountain hill.

I find it amazing that Little Tikes still sell this mountain seeing as this was mine over 20 years ago. The only difference to the mountain I have is the characters which drive the car and ride the helicopter. The colours of the mountain are the same and even the track is the same. 

I have fond memories of playing with this toy as a little girl and I love the fact Maxwell now plays with it, the original from 20 years ago. He loves rolling the cars down the mountain and also loves playing with the cars separately.

This mountain is suitable for children aged 18 months although Maxwell was given it a little earlier. All the bits are chunky and child friendly and also bright. 

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  1. My favourites were The Big Yellow Teapot and a pop-up treehouse thing.


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