STABILO Valentines Poem Competition

Have you got a Valentine you want to impress this Friday? Why not be a little different this year and write them a handwritten love letter – oh so personal and oh so unique. STABILO is offering two lucky Mummy To The Max readers the chance to win a stationery goody bag worth £50 each, packed full of great pens and pencils. All you have to do is write us a short Valentine’s Day themed poem, and it could be you! To enter this fantastic competition please share your poem below in comments. Please note - The poem must be your own work and the poem is the mandatory option which will then open extra entries in the rafflecopter form! Good Luck!

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  1. roses are cool so is wool, violets are blue so is the sky so here is a wee poem for valentines that makes no sense at all

  2. You make me smile you make me grin
    You dont even mind my double chin
    I like your Scarf i like your gloves
    I am so happy you are my love!

  3. This week we'll be married for forty four years, and you've always stood by me through laughter and tears.
    Life's never straightforward and pitfalls abound, but I've always felt safer because you're around.
    You are caring and loving, supportive and true - I don't tell you enough, so this poem thanks you.
    We have shared love and laughter, brilliant sunshine and rain, and if I lived life over, I'd choose you again.

  4. roses are red violets are blue buy some glue to stick like me and you

  5. Even after 10 years my knees go weak
    When looking at my hubby’s physique
    He is Hugh Grant, Tom Cruise and Richard Gere
    Johnny Depp, Colin Firth and Roger Moore
    Orlando Bloom, Brad Pitt, it’s no laughing matter
    All rolled in one, or even better
    You just have to look hard enough to see it
    In my eyes he really is a hit.

  6. no roses for you
    but don't be blue
    with paper and pen
    I will write a poem for you

  7. I am full of joy when the morning comes and I turn toward my gorgeous one
    I am full of pain and pride and fear when the army takes you away from here
    I am at peace when you are by my side in my dreams despite how far apart we lie
    I hear you whispering my name and I am sure you hear me the same
    as soon as the time is right you will be back by my side through day and night
    my love for you does not fade with each long passing day it just grows stronger
    deeper prouder more and more I find I need you ...
    stay safe stay strong and remember you are the one!

  8. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I never knew love,
    Till I met you.
    4 years later,
    You still can't cook,
    But thats ok
    You sure can.............Make a nice cup of tea

  9. Your smooth and comfortable to be with,
    I love your sleekness and style,
    I'm happy when you're within my reach,
    Even more than Jeremy Kyle!!
    You give me so much confidence,
    To do thing's as and when,
    I love you more than you will know,
    My favourite Stabilo pen!!!

  10. My heart is like a cabbage
    it always splits in two
    the leaves I give to others
    the heart I save for you

  11. V alentine's Day started particularly well,
    A card and some flowers (with a lovely smell!)
    L ater on, he announced 'We need to go out!"
    E agerly I wondered 'What's this all about?"
    N ow we have 2 kids, been together for years
    T hrough thick and thin with laughter and tears.
    I wondered then.....was he going to propose?
    N ow what should i wear - some really posh clothes?
    E xcited, I traipsed to our local cuisine
    S adly no ring but a cracking chow mein!

  12. I don't have a man to buy me flowers & wine
    So Mummy to the Max be my valentine
    I won't be receiving gifts galore
    So please send this prize to my door

  13. It’s the little things you do, that keep me loving you...
    The special things we share, the laughs the hugs, the care…
    The life we’ve built together, I hope to keep forever…
    My heart is always true, my husband I love you xx

  14. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Marshmallows and Chocolate
    Lets share fondue!


  15. Roses are Red,
    Violets are blue,
    If you've got no red boxers,
    French knickers will do.

  16. My girlfriend can be a devil
    But most of the time there is no evil
    Laughs and smiles will make me cry
    Whenever there is this in a relationship
    It makes me feel bright like the sun in the blue sky.
    Sometimes we have a disagreement but always make up
    Most of the time we smile because that what love is after all.

  17. I Love you forever until end of my life
    Hoping one day to became your wife
    How I deserved you , not have a clue
    But I will never stop loving you


  18. I'm writing this poem for my husband Wayne,
    who's not very romantic I sometimes complain.
    But when I'm full of cold and feeling like poop,
    he'll make me lovely homemade chicken soup.
    When I've had a bad day, he'll run me a bath,
    sit and tell silly jokes to make me laugh.
    What's more adorable than a man who really cares,
    a lovely hubby to whom no one else compares!

  19. Ok, where do I begin,
    I'll start from the beginning,
    it started July 2006
    when someone made me start grinning!
    I messaged him by accident,
    it was on Myspace,
    I thought he was someone else
    he had a familiar face
    but I won't bore you with all the details,
    we met and fell in love,
    I don't mean to sound cheey but
    it was like he was sent from up above!
    His floppy hair and cheeky grin
    they lit my heart on fire,
    he made all my dreams come true
    he lifted me so much higher
    he helped me cope with everything
    and made me feel so happy
    it didn't matter what we did
    even when we were changing nappies!
    Yep we had two daughters and
    further more, two sons,
    we've been together ages now
    but it feels like its just begun!
    I'm sorry this is long but
    I want to share this with the world,
    I have the most fantastic husband
    and I am a lucky girl!

  20. You turned up in my life in 2009
    Its cheesy, I know
    but it was just the right time
    Life was getting me down
    and I was fed up of men
    But you changed my mind
    made me believe again.
    Now almost 5 years on
    we have our own little man
    and hope for another to add to our clan
    The journey wasn't easy
    We've had our woes
    But I wouldn't be without you
    I'm glad I'm the one that you chose


  21. To say how much i love you,
    is a task i have been set
    3 years we've been together
    i've not found enough words yet

  22. Roses and Red, Violets are Blue, These pens are all multicolored, I wish I could win them too.

  23. Roses are red, violets are blue, chocolates lovely, as a gift from you.

  24. laura jayne bates13 February 2014 at 19:41

    violets are blue
    look at me
    now look at you
    oh i do love you

  25. Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    A time for love
    and goodie bags too

  26. Love doesn't need roses, chocolates or a card,
    Love is simple to show - it's not very hard,
    Love doesn't need whispers late night on the pillow,
    Nothing says I love you quite like Stabilo!

  27. Love unlike the dying embers,
    Glows but does not die,
    Love unlike the wind in winter,
    Gives but just a sigh,
    For love in all its glory,
    It's million words too few,
    To express the way I'm feeling,
    I'll just say 'I love you'

  28. Love unlike the dying embers,
    Glows but does not die,
    Love unlike the wind in Winter,
    Gives but just a sigh,
    for love in all its glory,
    It's million words too few,
    To express the way I'm feeling,
    I'll just say 'I love you'.

  29. Chocolates are cheesy,
    Roses are too,
    But my love for you
    Will always be true!

  30. You know how much i love you,
    you know that it is true,
    you know how much i love you,
    my little snooky doo.

  31. Valentine's day comes but once a year,
    It used to fill me with dread and fear...
    Would i be the only one without a card?
    Would it be me who finds that day so hard?
    Since I met you, that's all changed,
    My priorities all rearranged.
    15 years married, and little ones three,
    Now when it's Valentine's day, I shout, yipee!

  32. There was a couple from Wales
    Who met during ten force gales
    Up in the air went her skirt
    So he started to flirt
    And they kissed behind the hay bales.

  33. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    You're my highlighter
    And I love you too

  34. U make me smile
    My heart beats hard
    U make me laugh
    Let down my guard
    U are for me
    I am for you
    Never apart
    our souls are true

  35. roses are red, violets are blue i think your cute and cuddly too. If you were my teddy bear i would love you and cuddle you and always be there

  36. love is flying my way
    because its valentines day
    with chocolates and flowers
    I could have hugs for hours
    Its a special day full of hearts and joy
    and its lovely to share it with my boy

  37. I thought I’d write and highlight the reasons I love you:

    Mummy to the Max, bargain hunter extreme,
    I love hearing of your memories, reviews, places you’ve seen.
    You’re fun and creative and your blog is supreme
    To win with you and Stabilo would be a real dream come true to me.

  38. roses are red,
    violets are blue
    i just want to say
    how much i love you

  39. Valentine's Day may be over this year
    But one day makes no difference.
    I love you everyday my dear
    Even though we are separated by distance.

  40. Valentine's Day may be over this year
    But one day makes no difference.
    I love you everyday my dear
    Even though we are separated by distance

  41. It's Valentines day Mummy to Max
    And once again, I've lost my tracks,
    So my trusty Stabilo,
    I'll pop in my hand,
    And write you a note,
    Of how proud I am!
    Your reviews are divine,
    An eye opening treat,
    so this Valentines Day
    why not take a seat,
    Read all these poems,
    from fair stabilos pens,
    Open the wine,
    and laugh loud like 10 men :)

  42. you are my world, my universe and heart,
    you are the keys that make my car start.
    You make my heart pound
    and my eyes go all round;
    when i see your eyes in front of me
    there's no place i'd rather be.
    Just me and you for all of time
    you will forever be my valentine

  43. Roses are red, violets are blue,
    you are mummy to max
    and totally true

  44. Roses are red, violets are blue, I'll be the Tigger to your Winnie The Pooh.

  45. Valentine's Day is the time
    For writing a witty ditty,
    But' it's all over for this year
    Which is an absolute pity!

    Hazel Rea - @beachrambler

  46. Roses are red
    Violets are blue,
    I much prefer
    to stay home with you.

  47. Cupid, the cherub of love
    got sent down to earth from above
    to help hearts find a mate
    through a romantic planned date
    That someone who fits like a glove

  48. Another Valentine's Day has come and gone
    But our love will keep on going on
    Getting stronger day by day
    I wouldn't have it any other way
    Love you always

  49. Valentine's Day has gone and the roses will wilt
    But our love still grows on what we have built
    We'll be stronger than ever when next year comes
    And not just as lovers but as the best of chums

  50. roses are red
    violets are blue
    our love is very true
    And I do love you

  51. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I loves pens
    More than you

  52. We've been together 14 years
    Id have done less time for murder,
    We stuck with it though laughter and tears
    But I'm starving so will you just nip to mcD and get me a burger?

  53. valentines day will come and go,
    But my love for you will only grow,
    you've stood by me through good and bad,
    and for that i am so glad.
    another year flys right past,
    roll on the next we're having a blast.

  54. I love you more than fudge
    Mmm fudge....

  55. I love you I love you
    I love you almighty
    I wish your pyjamas
    was next to my nightie
    don't be mistaken
    and don't be mislead
    I mean on the washing line
    and not in my bed

  56. I love you, I love you, I love you almighty
    I wish your pyjamas was next to my nightie
    don't be mistaken and don't be mislead
    I mean on the washing line and not in the bed ( this has been written by my wife lol )

  57. The Love of my life
    I am proud to be your wife
    you are my soul mate
    I believe us meeting was fate

  58. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    your blogs amazing
    well done you

  59. to him i am a total queen,
    the most beautiful princess youve ever seen,
    in truth im a bit of a fatty,
    moreoften than notim also ratty,
    But he sees me in a way i need,
    like a blooming flower from a tiny seed,
    He smiles the secondhe sees me appear,
    for this i constantly want him near ,
    he makes me feel young and carefree,
    because of this hes perfect for me

  60. he loves, she loves, we love :)

  61. Roses are red, violet's are purple, I'm rubbish at poems, and nothing rhymes with purple!!

  62. Roses are red,

    violets are blue,

    The first time I saw you,

    my heart knew.

  63. From the first glance
    Only you made my heart dance
    Real love I thought a lie
    Even thinking of you I cry
    Very special in every way
    Every year on every day
    Real love is hard to find

    You are one of a kind
    Our love has lasted hard times
    Upward it constantly climbs
    Real love is here to stay
    Stephen I love you in every way! 💞

    by fiona johnson

  64. Roses are red, violets areblue, I have the most fun, when I'm with you

  65. Blossom is pink
    It can white too
    It grows in the spring sunshine
    Like my love does all year round for you

    Kel Ellen Hirst x

  66. Roses are red
    Biros are blue
    If I won this stationery
    I'd share it with you! :)

  67. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If I don't win these Stabilos
    emotional distress will force me to sue.

  68. We met on faceparty long before facebook.
    I left you in the snow
    As I drove slow
    3 Hours late - I'm here for our date
    You are still here - Lets have a beer

  69. roses are red
    violets are blue
    stabilo make pens
    so i can write this to you

  70. Your face is like a mirror,
    It reflects how fast time has gone,
    I see your freckles , your hair and smile,
    Reflected in our son,
    You make me laugh smile, shout and cry,
    my hearts so full of love it still makes me sigh,
    16 years we have been together,
    When i married you i knew it whould be forever.

  71. after 14 years my love is true
    I couldn't imagine being with anyone but you!

  72. You are my sun, my moon and all of my stars,
    My port in a storm, my light in the dark.

    You are my soulmate, my love,
    You captured my heart

    A love like ours could never tear apart

  73. roses are red,
    violets are blue
    id like to say
    how much i love you

  74. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Sugar is sweet
    And so are you!

  75. you told me once you loved me
    you told me you would take me to the sea
    you never take me out for a meal
    let alone to the sea to see a seal
    I suppose I shouldn't really grumble
    Now my tummy's beginning to rumble
    so come on over cook a meal
    and make sure its not a seal

  76. Love is for ever, forever and ever,
    Constant and faithful,
    Happy and hopeful,
    And it goes away never.

  77. I don't know what I would do without you,
    Or if I'd even be here today.
    I pray that you will never leave
    And with me you'll always stay.

    Because I love having you by my side.
    I no longer feel alone.
    I never want to be without you,
    For my heart has found its home.

  78. Rubbers, erasers, whatever they're called
    They come in all shapes and sizes
    ‪They make a mess all over the house
    When I'm cleaning they're not nice surprises

  79. One of my wishes, is to shower you with kisses, be it day or night, Anytime would feel alright.

  80. Some pens are red
    Others are blue
    Mummy to the Max is sweet
    And Stabilo is too!

  81. A poem to my wife;

    Helen, my dear,
    You are my love,
    You are my life,
    I am so glad I asked you to be my wife

    I would have written this in your card,
    For once, to show you I am wise,
    But maybe I can show my worth,
    By winning you a wonderful Stabilo prize.

  82. my poetry is terrible
    my love so real
    when I married you
    I got a great deal
    twenty years later
    my cup of love still full
    between five children and
    four grandchildren
    life is never dull

  83. Roses are red, violets are blue
    When romance has dwindled
    You're left with nappies filled with poo!


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