Max Rates..... Febuary 2014

Pipsy Koala On the Go Booster Seat
2 weeks ago I won Maxwell this booster seat and since we have had it, it has made a big impact. Maxwell adores sitting in it at the table.

Disney Cars Go Glow Clock Bedtime Trainer
I picked this up a few weeks ago. It was a bargain and cost me just £7.50. This is more of a product for Maxwell to grow into however he loves the design of it and likes pointing at it.

Crayola - 24 Crayons Assorted Colours
Maxwell adores colouring and the best crayons that I have found so far are Crayola. They last longer than cheap crayons do and I love the mix of colours which come in a box. They are perfect for Maxwell's little hands.

OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle (Aqua)
We were sent this bottle to review and since we have had it Maxwell has been drinking a lot more which is great. I truly believe the cup is easy for him to drink out of and I love the design of it.

Red Dog, Blue Dog
Maxwell got this game for Christmas and this week he has really got into playing it. Maxwell enjoys matching all the cards up with the picture boards.  This game is going to help him learn objects as well as pictures.

Mighty B Box
The mighty B Box is brilliant. It matches Maxwell's beanbag he was sent to review a few weeks ago. The beanbag is the perfect size for Maxwell to leave a few toys on whilst he relaxes on his beanbag. The beanbags are really well made and survive toddlers jumping over them.

Maxwell really enjoys playing with cars and other vehicles so this is the perfect little toy for him. I picked this up in the sale for him and he has really enjoyed playing with it.

This is another review item however Maxwell never puts it down. We got it in the hope it may help with Maxwell's speech and to settle him down at night however at the moment all Maxwell seems to do is play with it day and night. 

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