Like Love Loathe #2


At the present moment I love relaxing. Relaxing is something which I do not often get to do due to always being busy all the time. If I am not being a mum to Maxwell I am either being a housewife and writing 2 blogs. This week saw me go out for a meal with Ben on Valentines day and also has seen me not working late nights on my blog, Instead of late nights I have been having some "me" time, which means I have been watching TV shows, having hot bubble baths, eating chocolate and entering competitions. 


Today I was inspired by a lovely courageous little boy who is fighting cancer but has accepted that one day he may give up his fight sooner than expected. Reece, who is 11 years old has fought cancer for many years but had recently found out that he had terminal cancer. Instead of letting his body be pumped with drugs, he has decided that he will let nature take its cause. Reece has written a bucket list of things he would like to see/do before his time is up. His bucket list is great and is something which I am hoping that many people see and hopefully Reece can then get that little bit of happiness that he really deserves. To read Reece's journey and see his bucket list you can view it here.
The circumstances are sad however if you take the time to read Reece's journey, I am sure you will feel strong emotions. It seems to me this little boy never moans, but takes every day as they come. He is truly inspirational and a credit to his family.. His positivity shines through - something which I love.  


Planning - Tomorrow will see me take a trip to London for a event. I am so happy to be attending the event however the planning that has gone into it has not been straightforward and has actually been a pain. From hiccups with travel times, transport methods and even thing's down to what I will be wearing, I can safely say the trip planning has been very stressful. 7 hours before setting off for the event, I am now ready to go. I have planned and packed Maxwell's food and bag for the day as he will be staying with my parents and I have packed my own bag ready for my long day ahead. 

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