Like Love Loathe #1


The RNLI are a fantastic charity who provide a on call, 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland. Everyday the people who volunteer for the RNLI put there own life at risk to help others. Today I am asking Mummy To The Max readers to take the time to vote for the RNLI to win some money for their charity. To vote all you need to do is click here and on the right hand side click vote, you can then vote for the RNLI. As someone who has grown up near the sea and also enjoys sailing the RNLI are a vital resource so please please vote.


I love how innocent Maxwell is, he is growing up so fast but I love the memories we are managing to create together. He really has become cheeky over the last few weeks and loves to copy things which he sees me and Ben get up to. Maxwell has done a spot of sweeping this week and has enjoyed putting his clothes and toy away in his room.


At the present moment I loathe Katie Hopkins. I am sure everyone has very strong opinions about her but my opinions are any thing but positive. She is constantly in the press for stupid attention seeking things, nothing which is relevant to local communities or this country. She spits vile untruths about people and criticises people, acting like she is little miss perfect. She contradicts herself all the time and gets on her high horse about things which she has never experienced. She is someone who really gets my back up... I have to wonder, why is she even famous!?

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  1. i can't stand her either. why people listen to her beggars belief.


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