Hotpoint TVYL655CP Review

After a cold and wet January I finally persuaded Ben that we needed a new tumble dryer. We had survived 2 years without one however after waiting up to 3 days for our clothes to dry we decided it was something which we needed and we decided it was something which we could no longer live without. When looking around for tumble dryers to buy I looked at what company's could offer me the best deal, what uses I needed the tumble dryer for, what features it came with and what brand had good reviews. After hunting around I finally choose the Hotpoint TVYL655CP Vented Tumble Dryer here from Argos.

When our new tumble dryer arrived I was thrilled. Everything was perfect including its size. We have a fairly large washing machine which I like to pack full of clothes so having a large tumble dryer made sense. The Hotpoint tumble dryer holds over 6.5kg so it is the perfect size for large families or smaller families who like to do a lot of washing in one go.

When I used the tumble dryer for first time I was excited to see the results of how well my washing came out of it. The results were better than expected. The Hotpoint TVYL655CP dried my clothes, towels and bedding very quickly and thoroughly. When the washing came out it was also ready to wear instead of being creased which meant I had either very little ironing to do or none at all.

A clever feature about this tumble dryer is that it has a dry sensor which has 5 different drying levels. When putting a load of washing in all I need to do is choose which programme I require according to the different drying options and the appliance will automatically stop when the desired moisture levels are reached. I think this is a brilliant feature as it saves me a lot of time. Instead of checking the washing to see if it is dry, I can sit back and relax and wait for it to tell me that it is dry.

There were a number of other things which I liked about the tumble dryer. I liked that it was easy to use. Normally I struggle to use appliances however from the word go I found that the tumble dryer was self explanatory after reading the manual. Another feature which I liked about the tumble dryer was the fact that it had a fairly large opening. Sometimes I struggle with getting the washing in and out of my washing machine as it can sometimes get caught in the smaller opening which means my clean washing can end up all over the floor so having a large opening on my tumble dryer makes it so much easier to get it in and out.

Overall  I was really happy with my new tumble dryer, not only happy with the Hotpoint product but also with Argos's attention to detail. Ordering the appliance was easy, I was given a time slot of when my tumble dryer would arrive and I was also sent text's to remind me when it would be arriving. Argos even followed up on how I was getting on with my new product and asked me if I had any feedback.

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