A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has spent some time with Nanny and Grandad
  2. Maxwell is happy for A.Rachel
  3. Maxwell has been doing lots of puzzles
  4. Maxwell has continued to try new foods
On Wednesday Maxwell got to spend a whole day with Nanny and Grandad. He adores spending time with them so I knew as soon as I dropped him off on Wednesday he would have a lot of fun. Whilst I had commitments in London Maxwell enjoyed a fun day with Nanny and Grandad. It involved a lot of playing, a special walk and lots of running around. As soon as we picked Maxwell up we knew he had had a wonderful day and he did not want to leave. 

Whilst in New York my Sister has got engaged to her partner. Maxwell is thrilled by this as he loves A.Rachel and U.Rob. It will be brilliant to welcome Rob into our family and we are all extremely excited for my sister. Maxwell has missed them since they have been away and he is looking forward to seeing them on their return.

Maxwell has enjoyed doing lots of puzzles this week. He seems to have mastered how to do them well and mostly enjoys doing Peppa Pig ones. He works his way round the sides when doing them and then fills the middle in of them. I am surprised how quickly he has picked up his puzzle skills. 

Maxwell has continued to try new food this week which has made me extremely happy. He has eaten tomato pasta, cheese on toast and melon. He would normally not try any of these foods, especially the pasta so it is great to see him try new things. 

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