A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell decorated the house
  2. Maxwell has learnt to do forward rolls
  3. Maxwell enjoys playing games
  4. Maxwell has been trying new foods
  5. Maxwell has been very spoilt
This week Maxwell had a accident, the accident being he decided to draw on my walls with crayons. I would say I am surprised, but unfortunately I am not. Maxwell loves drawing and whilst sat in his new booster seat he happened to get crayon scribble over my wall. Luckily it came off after I tried to remove it with, fairy liquid, hairspray and toothpaste. Maxwell now knows it is unacceptable to draw on the walls. 

Maxwell has recently been very active and enjoys jumping around, this week Maxwell has discovered how to forward roll. I have to be honest at first it got my heart racing as I was unsure weather he may hurt himself however Maxwell has got confident doing it and likes to do it on soft areas. I am sure he would forward roll everywhere if he could. 

This week saw me download a few new games for Maxwell on my phone to keep him entertained through the bad weather. The games consisted largely of Peppa Pig games and I have to say Maxwell adores them. He has really got into playing them and Ben and I are surprised at how quickly he picked up the games.

Maxwell has been fussy with foods for a while now however this week Maxwell has tried melon, chicken wraps, rice and crepes. Maxwell has tried and eaten all these foods which is brilliant for him and I am looking forward to introducing more foods.

Maxwell has been extremely spoilt this week. We seem to have had delivery after delivery. From new toys to clothes, to designer clothes to craft materials Maxwell has been extremely spoilt however I have decided to introduce all his new stuff to him slowly so he does not expect it all the time and gets wear out of toys.

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