A Week Of Learning And New Experiences

  1. Maxwell has a new "special" seat
  2. Maxwell has been taking part in new activities
  3. Maxwell loves saying "CYA"
  4. Maxwell loves technology
  5. Maxwell is looking forward to going shopping.
Recently I have barely been comping however I did have a excellent win. I won a lovely booster seat so Maxwell is able to sit at our table. Maxwell adores his new booster seat and has seen him do many different activities which he normally does not do as he is limited to space on his highchair tray.  This week Maxwell has played with playdough, played with his megabloks and made a huge tower and has even done some colouring and shape sorting.

Maxwell has started to say a few more words but his all time favourite word is "CYA". Where ever Maxwell goes you can hear him shout it. If he sees someone wave, whether it be on the TV, in the street or when someone comes to our door he has to shout it back 100 times and wave furiously. It is so incredibly sweet.

This may turn a few heads but Maxwell is a huge fan of his Technology. It all started when Maxwell got a Innotab for Christmas. Since then Maxwell loves to sit and play games, takes photos of himself and loves to paint on it. Maxwell also knows how to work a TV and enjoys turning over channels and another hobby he has is playing with my phone. His skills on this includes ringing people, scrolling through photos as well as playing games and looking at photo's on Instagram.

As I may have mentioned in a few posts, we are looking to move again and when moving comes, I always find shopping is involved. At the present moment we are on the lookout at buying Maxwell a new stair gate, a new toddler bed and any more Disney car merchandise we can find for him although his room is kitted out in Disney Car stuff.  I am also keen to find him some garden toys before summer hits in.

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