What Max Wore Monday

People seem to be interested in what Maxwell tends to wear so I have decided to write a "What Max Wore Monday" post on my blog which will feature once a month. It will give my readers a little look into Maxwell's wardrobe and it may give you ideas in what you could dress your toddler in.  Maxwell's clothes come from everywhere. There is not specific shop I buy him clothes from so just about anything goes. I hope you enjoy reading.
Today Max is wearing:

Maxwells's Gilet is Mini Boden. It cost me around £3 when I had a £20 voucher to spend with them. The gilet fits really well and has a fleece layer inside which keeps Maxwell super warm in the winter. 

Maxwell's jeans are from Next. I really like putting Maxwell in Next, not because I am a brand snob, just that Next clothes seem to last him well and rarely ever go out of shape. These jeans are the skinny type and can be bought in Next for around £10

Maxwell's shoes are Vans. Maxwell has these in blue but I am looking to buy him some in a two tone blue. A lot of people comment on them and say how cute they are. I picked these up in the sale for him at just £12 and they have lasted him really well. They are a definite hit on my toddler buying list.  

Maxwell's Jumper is from Boots. It belongs to the Bows And Arrows collection. We bought this at Christmas so they have stopped selling but please take a look at Boot's Bow and Arrow  Collection, they sell some beautiful clothes. 


  1. I am totally loving the gilet this year for boys! :-)

  2. I only ever buy jeans from Next - they fit Ben far better than any other make & last for ages!

  3. Oh my gosh he is to adorable for words - looks like a right little grown up in that outfit :)x

  4. My boys love their gilets. And I'm a huge fan of mini Boden. Max looks super cute x


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