Picking The Perfect Shoes For A Toddler

Recently I have been having trouble finding Maxwell the correct footwear. Maxwell is now 2 years old which means he has started to become more inquisitive about what he is wearing. Maxwell was recently bought a new pair of shoes for us to find out that not were they only difficult to get on and off  due to having high backs but he kept undoing the velcro on them.

I have recently been looking at Kids shoes and have been thinking about what shoes I need to buy Maxwell to replace his other shoes. After having a look around I have found I am a huge fan of Converse and Vans. I love the look of them, they are simple yet very trendy and are look great for him to wear everyday. They look cute enough to team with chinos or jeans and a nice jumper. I normally enjoy buying Maxwell bright colour shoes however I am thinking of buying him white shoes this time as they go with everything. The only worry I have is that they may get a little dirty.

Maxwell is now at the age where he will be attending nursery soon. By the time he is at nursery I am hoping he will be able to get his own shoes on and off. When he goes to nursery I will be looking for a pair of shoes for him which are colourful and dark so they hide the dirt a little more. I really like the 2 trendy pairs above which are Vans and Pumas.

What shoes does your little one wear? Do you have trouble with your children taking their shoes off?

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