My New Years Resolutions 2014

Each year, I make a list in my head. I make a list of what I want to achieve and what issues I want to resolve in my life to make it that little bit better. As its the start of 2014 I thought it would be a great idea to put my resolutions on my blog and see how well I actually manage to stick to them.

Christmas 2014 for free - If you are a regular reader of this blog then you will know that I am aiming to get Christmas 2014 for free. I have made a good start already to 2014 and I am hoping that I stay determined to complete my goal through out the whole of 2014.

Spend more time with Ben - Me and Ben rarely seem to get to spend much time with each other any more thanks to him working long hours and quite a few days of the week. I would love to spend more time with him, going on date nights to the cinema and going out for meals.

Buy Max A pet fish - This is more of a want, however I would love to buy Maxwell his own little pet fish. He loves fish and enjoys watching them swim around at A. Rachel's house so I think he would really enjoy having one in our home. When I manage to save a few penny's, I will get round to buying him his own little tank and fish.

Continue to blog - This year I would like to continue to blog. I have not given up on my little space on the internet and I hope 2014 see's me continue to write on this space. I would love to improve my blog by getting a better camera to take photos and I would like to create new ideas which are unique to me.

Move house  - As a few of my readers know, we moved not long ago however as a family we are not that happy here so we are hoping to move in the future. We are looking to move to a house with a large garden, with perhaps a small conservatory on the back which we could convert into a play room for Maxwell.

Go on a holiday - I have not been on holiday since I was 16 which means it has been 6 long years where I have not had a break. 2014 would be a brilliant year to go on holiday since Maxwell is that little bit older and Ben is able to get some time off from work. I would be grateful for a UK holiday or even a holiday abroad. I would just enjoy getting away.

Attend Britmums - Something which would complete my year would be the opportunity to attend Britmums Live 2014. I had such an amazing time last year, I would love to go again and meet a few blogging friends and learn new things. I am looking for a sponsor to sponsor me to go at the present moment, so hopefully someone will kindly be my fairy god mother and send me to have the best 2 memorable days of 2014!


  1. Christmas 2014 for free sounds like a great idea, good luck with that. And I definitely think you deserve a holiday. UK holidays are great with little ones, no hassle with flights and jet lag!

  2. We are moving house this year too - for much the same reasons - we want more garden space for our children, one of whom is a Maxwell too! #Shareitsundays


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