Moments Which Mattered 2013

2013 had its ups and downs but we made it... We made it with memories, joyful memories which will never be replaced. This post is full of happiness, proud moment, magical moments and a few breathe taking moments.

2013 saw Maxwell turn into a loving, bright, fun one year old. Maxwell accomplished so many things in 2013 and met many targets. Maxwell learnt to walk, talk, wave, cuddle, kiss and be the most funniest little affectionate boy I could wish for in this world. Maxwell made me proud. Maxwell learnt to say no, learnt to throw balls at peoples head and he learnt to refuse to eat foods. As a new mother there were many times I wanted to give up with my patience being tested however I learnt to overcome these problems as Maxwell did and it has moulded him into the bubbly 2 year old I am blessed with now.

2013 taught me many new things about myself. It taught me I could go out and not have a anxiety attack if someone dared look at me, it taught me to be the best mother I could be to Maxwell even if I got things wrong and it taught me that the negative thoughts people have on "young" parents is wrong. I am a 22 year old mother. I do my best, I get things wrong, you learn from the wrong and make it right. I work hard for my son, as does his Dad and we provide the best care, love and attention we can to Maxwell. I look after Maxwell 90% of the time by myself. Ben works night shifts meaning he sleeps in the day. Me and Max have a very close bond and I am thrilled to have taught Maxwell so much in life.

2013 taught me to respect my family. Family do not come and go, family stick whenever times get tough.  I have learnt my Mum and Dad will always be there, they are just one call away and I have learnt that my sister is just down the road if I need any help or a chat. I have learnt mine and Ben relationship is strong and I know that the love for my family is never ending. Family are important and through my teenage life I think I took them for granted however times change and people change and I am proud to have them in my life now. Me and my sister went on many day trips, including the farm, the Big Reunion and to the zoo. My parents took us to the farm, spent magical days together helping care for Max and went on trips shopping with them. Me and Ben spent days together, went out for meals and had many days where we smiled.

2013 taught me that I can do anything if I set my mind to it and I can stick to things. One of my most proudest things I have archived in life is this blog. I have met so many new people, had so many new experiences and it has helped me form and create so many memories. It has given me chances to improve my life and has opened up many opportunities which have all benefited Maxwell. I have been to Britmums, been to events in London and down south and I have been able to try many new things which I may not have been able to afford thanks the the generosity of company's.

After reading a few blogs last night I found out that Lloyds Bank are running a competition to win an Ipad Mini. In order to enter, you must create a blog post on Moments That Mattered in 2013. This is my entry to the competition. I hope you have enjoyed reading as much as I have creating the memories and reliving them in this post.


  1. Lovely post, and what a gorgeous little boy! Sounds like you and Maxwell had a fantastic year - I hope 2014 is just as amazing for you all. Thanks for joining in with Moments that Mattered, and good luck!!!!! x

  2. Some great photos where little Max really looks fab. Thanks for entering.

  3. great post thanks for entering :)

  4. You don't have to be 22 to get things wrong sometimes - I'm 42 and have 7 and we still mess it up occasionally :D


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