Max's Sale Haul

Today saw us hit the shops, Ben had a rare day off so I thought it would be fun to spend some of our Christmas money. I had a good feeling shops had started to reduce some Christmas stock further from there early Boxing Day prices, although this is not my sale haul  it is Maxwell's which shows quite a few essentials for him reduced.

Our first stop was Boots.  I adore Boots and I already managed to buy a few bargains for peoples Birthdays/Christmas in there Boxing day sales. Whilst browsing today, I found most of there shelves to be empty however I was drawn to the back of the store where I managed to pick up a lot of essentials for Maxwell at a cheap price.

I managed to get:
4 packs of Boots own brand nappies size 5 RRP £20 - Reduced to £10 - £2.50 per pack
2 packs of Boots Organic Rice Cakes - RRP £1.98 - Reduced to £1
2 packs of Organix Fruit Gummies - RRP £1.18 - Reduced to 60p
1 Pack Of Boots Carrot Puffs -  RRP 50P - Reduced to 25p

RRP £23.66 - Payed £11.85 - I also got £1.66 worth of boots points added to my card for this shop so the price came down to £10.19.

We then headed to Tesco. A family member actually works at Tesco which entitles us to staff discount and we had a few vouchers that enabled us to get £1 off per £5 we spent.
We bought:
Disney PJ's RRP £5 - Reduced to £3
Hoodie RRP £7 - Reduced to £4

RRP £12 - Total £7 - We got 10% off thanks to staff discount, and a further £1 thanks to vouchers which equals £1.70 so we payed - £5.30

Finally we popped into Mothercare. I am a huge fan of Mothercare and I have been buying Maxwell a lot of clothes from there. I find there quality amazing and the prices are very reasonable.
We bought:
Sheep Pjs RRP £11 - Reduced to £5.50

RRP £11 - Payed £5.50

My total haul was worth £46.66 however we payed £20.99 which means we saved over half price. Overall I thought this was a amazing shopping trip. We have stocked up on some essentials and treated Maxwell to a few new clothes.

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  1. Wow I love a bargain have you been to asda they have loads for sale x


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