Max Rates..... January 2014

This is a new feature which I have decided to do. I often get asked what toys Maxwell is enjoying or what has he been wearing so I thought writing a monthly post on my blog would keep you all informed in what Maxwell has been using.

Happy Hopperz Inflatable Deer Bouncer

Kerry from Ohsoamelia recommended me to buy Maxwell a Happy Hopper. Although Maxwell has not used it yet, it looks fun for Maxwell to enjoy indoors whilst the weather is poor and will let him burn that extra excess energy.

Vans Kids' Authentic Trainer

Maxwell has been wearing these with his skinny jeans and a nice thick jumper and coat. I think they look cute and everyone always comments on how trendy Maxwell looks. Vans are not just for little Boys, they also do Girls, Mens and Women's.

Mega Bloks Racecar Whirl N Twirl

Maxwell got this for Christmas and he adores it. He has just learnt how to roll around on it however sometimes gets frustrated when using it on the carpet. I can definitely reccomend this to any parents of toddlers. 

VTech InnoTab 3 Learning Tablet (Blue)

I was wary about buying this for Maxwell as Maxwell is a year younger than the age it is aimed at however so far Maxwell has found it really easy to use. It has kept him entertained many a times and he even takes it into the car to watch videos on it.  things.

Tomy Megasketcher

A.Rachel bought Maxwell a mega sketcher for Christmas. Maxwell really enjoyed using it and I found it to be cleaner than using pens and crayons, it is also great for travel so we decided to buy Maxwell one. So far he loves using it. 

VTech Little Gadget Letter Friend

Nanny bought this for Maxwell at Christmas and I have found Little Gadget to be a huge hit in out house. Little gadget can tell the time, play games with your little one and teach them things. Maxwell especially loves the noises Little gadget makes. This is sure to keep your little one entertained.

Mega Bloks Deluxe Building Bag

Maxwell has been a huge fan of Mega Bloks since he was small. His love has continued to grow as he has got older and he has even started to collect different sets. Maxwell spends a good hour a day building

Beatrix New York Little Kid Pack: Alexander Backpack - Robot

This bag is great for toddlers. Maxwell loves using it and I have to say it looks super cute on. Although it is priced fairly high, it is brilliant quality and I think it will last Maxwell for quite a well. It is a good size to put all his belongings in for a day trip.

Please note if you buy through these links I may be rewarded as these are affiliate links.

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