End Of January Sales Haul

January has been great to us as a family. We have bought quite a lot but everything has been a complete bargain. This week I managed to pick up around £40 worth of stuff for Maxwell for £13, all of which is suitable for Christmas 2014. I will write a post when it all arrives but until then, this is what I have bought this week.

This week we bought Maxwell a Mike The Knight Alphabet book. Max has always been a fan of Mike and when we saw this priced at just £4 in Tesco we knew we must get it for Maxwell. We hope it will help him learn new words.

Today we visited Tesco. Upon having a look at clothing we found these cute socks for Maxwell. I love the funky designs and I love how bright they are. The socks were priced at £1.50 per pack but were reduced to 50p per pack.

I am a huge fan of putting Maxwell in Gap clothes and French Connection clothes. Although the brands are normally more expensive than supermarket clothing brands we sometime tend to buy I love a bargain. I managed to get the 2 French Connection tops for just £7 and the Gap top for £3. The tops would normally be over £30 for the 3 so we managed to save quite a lot of money on these. 

Ben has been after a handheld vacuum cleaner for a while now. I have been looking out for a good deal for him however I have not come across a decent hoover for under £20. Today when browsing my local Tesco store I found this for just £5.50 reduced from £25! It is one of the best bargains we have got this year.

Our toaster has been on the blink for a while now. It sometimes cuts out when in use so today when we came across this toaster for £2 it was a definite buy. The toaster was priced at £9.50 so it was a steal. We are really happy with our new bargain and will welcome it into our home.

This week I managed to pick up these new Fred Perry shoes. The shoes are normally £45 and I have had my eye on them for a while. I like to style them with skinny jeans, I like there fit and I like there unique design. I was lucky enough to pick these up for just £10! They were the last in my size and I am really thrilled to have them in my shoe collection.

As you can see we have saved lots of money this week. Have you managed to purchase any bargains and if so what was your best buy?


  1. You got some great buys there, I especially love the Mr. Men socks, super cute! I'm stopping by from the Share It Sundays link up :)

    Fiona @ www.dollydowsie.com

  2. Some great buys from French connection & Gap. I've also joined in with the Share it Sundays link up, posting about my recent Home d├ęcor buys, take a look at sonsbrightenupmyday.blogspot.co.uk.
    Lucy x


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