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A few months ago, I decided Mummy To The Max could do with a new look. I wanted something that looked professional, something which would stand out and something which represented me and Maxwell. After speaking to a few bloggers Jade from JAM Designs was recommended to me to design Mummy To The Max a new blog design as well as a new design for its social media pages.

After looking at Jades work over on her website, I decided she was the blog designer for me and went ahead and asked her to design a new layout and design for Mummy To The Max. From the start she acted professional and she was very quick at replying to emails. She was clear about pricing and she was clear about what types of thing she could offer my blog. 

In the first stages of creating my design she sent me a email to ask what I had in mind for the design, she asked what colours would I like to use and even asked if there was anything I would like to keep from my old blog design. She asked for finer details like what photos I would like in the design and was there any fonts I liked.

It took Jade around 2 weeks to complete my whole design, which included my Social media site design. She sent the design to me via email through files, ready for me to put on my blog. She included instructions about what fonts to use, gave me colour codes and even put together a screen shot of what the design should look like on my blog. 

Throughout the design process Jade kept in regular contact and if there was something I did not like about the design she was happy to change it. I was really happy with her work and how professional she was. 

For anyone thinking about getting a new blog design I would reccomend Jam Designs. The pricing is not expensive and I think it is great value for what you get. The design Jade will make you is unique to you, something which someone can never fully recreate even if they try. If there is a problem Jade will go that extra mile to try and sort it. 

Jade has worked with many fantastic companies including Tomy and Matel, you can see from her work here why so many huge companies have chosen to work with her. She has recently only just started to work with bloggers on blog design however so far all I have seen is bloggers complement her hard work.

To find out about what Jade can offer to your business or blog please view her website here. 


  1. Ohh wow! It's looking fab! Very nice indeed x

  2. Looks like a lovely design, I'm still struggling with my own and I'm never happy with it :(

  3. I love your new design it really looks fab

  4. Love it, your blog looks fantastic! x


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